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Name of the Book      :  Breeze of the Guidence
Compiler              :
Composed by           :           Mohammad Yousuf Usman Nadwi
Pages                 :           260
Year of Publication    :           2010
Price   Rs. 100/= (Rupees One Hundred Only)
Name of Book Suppliers:-
  1. Jamia-Tul-Imam Wali-ullah Al-Islamia, Phulat, Distt. Muzaffar Nagar.
  2. Dar-E-Arqam, Batla House, Okhla Head, New Delhi-110025.
  3. Maktaba Shah Wali-ullah, Batla House, Okhla Head, New Delhi-110025.

Few Words From Publisher
Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui Saheb

Maulana Wasi Sulaiman Nadwi


Sl. No. Contents

1.Mulaqaat with Abdullah(Deep Chand) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

2.Mulaqaat with Dr. Safia(Saroj Shalini) Asma Zat-ul Fauzin

3.Mulaqaat with Aysha(Balwindar Kaur) Asma Zat-ul Fauzin

4.Mulaqaat with Jameela(Pushpa)  Safoora Yasmin

5.Mulaqaat with Master Mohammed Amir(Balbir Singh) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

6.Mulaqaat with Tayyab Bahi(Ram Veer) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

7.Mulaqaat with Saeed Ahmed(Dr. Shalera Kumar) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

8.Mulaqaat with Dr. Mohammad Huzaifa(Ram Kumar) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

9.Mulaqaat with Abdul Rehman(Anil Rao) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

10.Mulaqaat with Noor Mohammad(Ram Pal) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

11.Mulaqaat with Engg. Mohd Khalid(Vinod Kumar Khanna) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

12.Mulaqaat with Tauhid(Dharmendra) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

13.Mulaqaat with Abdullah Katki(Sanjiv Patnaik) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

14.Mulaqaat with Dr. Mohammed Ahmed(Ram Chandra) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

15.Mulaqaat with Shuail Siddiqui(Yuvraj) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

16.Mulaqaat with Master Abdul Wahid(Sanjiv Asthana)
Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

17.Mulaqaat with Mohd Ishaq(Ashok Kumar)
Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

18.Mulaqaat with Mohammad Salman(Banwari Lal) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

19.Mulaqaat with Hasan Abdal(Jai Verdhane) Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

20. Mulaqaat with Nadeem Ahmed
21- Mohammad Ishaq (Ashok Kumar)

This book "Winds of Islam" is collection of interviews with newly converts to Islam who got guidance and Allah's blessing due to efforts of made preaches of Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui and his associates. These interviews were published in Urdu Monthly "ARMUGHAN" and the series still continuing. This magazine is edited by Maulana Wasi Sulaiman Nadvi under the patronage of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui.


[Preacher of Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui and authorized disciple of Late Hazrat Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi (alias Ali Miyan) and Late Hazarat Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Partapgarhi.]
Due to lack of knowledge or prevalence of wrong information today anti Islam and anti Muslim propaganda and feelings are at their full height. But it is only due to the grace of Allah that at the sametime curiosity to know details of Islam is growing among masses. Earlier non believers came to the fold of Islam after seeing the life style, dealing and character of Muslims. But now abundance of means of communications especially internet has made Islam so popular that numbers of converts to creed of Allah is multiplying tremendously all over the world.
The creator of the universe who does what He intends and knows each and everything has declared in His Holy Book "Allah has sent his messenger with true guidance and religion that will prevail over all the religions despite displeasure of polytheists" This true religion Islam overthrew all false religions in Hijaz during the life time of Messenger of Allah (PBUH). It will certainly prevail in the whole world as stated by our true Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Islam will enter all houses (whether decorated or undecorated). After the end of Prophethood, Muslims are entrusted with the task of preaching and spreading Islam. But unfortunately due to our criminal negligence and defiance of duty, the message and contents of Islam have not been fully explained to the people and it shows lack of interest on the side of Muslums. Due to lack of knowledge or prevalence of wrong information today anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda and feelings are at their full height. But it is only due to Grace of Allah that at the same time curiosity to know details of Islam is growing among masses. Earlier non believers came to fold of Islam after seeing the life style dealing and characters of Muslims. But now abundance of means of communication specially internet has made Islam so popular that number of converts to creed of Allah is multiplying tremendously all over the world. In our beloved country India, which is known for its spirituality and zeal for religion and humanity so many persons are embracing Islam. If we analyze the reasons for mass scale conversion to Islam we come across with three strange facts. The first and foremost is that most of non Muslims themselves felt attracted towards Islam and after comparative study with other  religions they embraced Islam. There was very little impact of preaching made by Muslims in any form. The second fact is that these converts have showed remarkable devotion to their new faith and we can see in them the glimpses of sincerity and attachment to Allah similar to Muslims of Prophets' era. The third thing which causes anxiety and concern is that side by side with mass conversion of people to Islam many cases of apostasy are also being reported. At some places the instance of rejection of faith are alarming. The stories told by our brothers and sisters are very useful to awaken our sense of duty towards Islam and they imbibe feelings of hope and optimism in an unfriendly atmosphere. At the same time they should be regarded as a note of warning and we should break our lethargy and take up work of preaching and Dawah with new vigour. These interviews were published in monthly "ARMUGHAN" and by the grace of Allah the series became very popular and were published in many news papers and magazines. They were translated in other languages and strengthened the siprit and zeal for undertaking Dawah work. These interviews were conducted by my son Ahmed Awwah Nadvi and his sisters Asma Zat-ul Fauzin and Masna Zat-ul Faizin Sidrah. The narration of these interviews cum stories has been published for infusing enthusiasum and dedication to the services of preaching and Dawah work. This attempt should be appreciated as it is a positive step to create congenial atmosphere for preaching activities. I congratulate them for their endeavours and pray for success of his mission and blessing of Allah.
Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui
(Patron) Jamia-Tul Imam Wali-ullah Al-Islamia,
Phulat, Muzaffar Nagar – 251201, (U.P.)


By Maulana Wasi Sulaiman Nadvi

(Editor Monthly ARMUGHAN, Phulat)

O Messenger! Proclaim the (message) which hath been sent to thee from thy Lord. If thou didst not, thou wouldst not have fulfilled and proclaimed His mission. And Allah will defend thee from men (who mean mischief), For Allah guided not those who reject Faith. (Qur'an, 005.067)
Preaching of religion or Dawah is the basic responsibility of the entire Muslim Community (Ummah). Muslims flourished everywhere till they fulfilled this duty with zeal and sincerity. When they became slack or abandoned it they lost material glory and reputation in the world. The most effective and successful solution of all challenges and problems faced by Muslims all over the world is to undertake practical work of Dawah. We should remember the plight of Muslim in Spain. They excelled in wealth, learning knowledge and trade but took no interest in preaching and Dawah. This resulted in great disaster and downfall of Muslims in Spain despite their material supremacy. If Muslims want to spend honourable life with full identification of their religion and culture and attain real prosperity they must discharge their fundamental responsibility of preaching and Dawah. The Holy Al-Qur'an, in 005.067 [Al-Maeda (The Table, The Table Spread)] says:
يَا أَيُّهَا الرَّسُولُ بَلِّغْ مَا أُنْزِلَ إِلَيْكَ مِنْ رَبِّكَ وَإِنْ لَمْ تَفْعَلْ فَمَا بَلَّغْتَ رِسَالَتَهُ وَاللَّهُ يَعْصِمُكَ مِنَ النَّاسِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لا يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الْكَافِرِينَ
The monthly "ARMUGHAN" is a purely religious and preaching magazine. Its main objective is to persuade Islamic community to preach among people who have gone astray and to call them towards Allah and His religion. In this magazine beside other religious articles a series of interviews taken with newly converted Muslims were published. It was very successful experiment and appreciated in the length and breadth of our country. It helped a lot in carrying out Dawah work and removed a number of misunderstandings. The population of India is more than one thousand millions and every fifth Indian happens to be a Muslim and has been entrusted to carry the work of Dawah as a member of the best community of the world. Today atmosphere in the whole world is quite congenial for preaching and Dawah. People themselves are rushing towards Islam. If we make tactful and timely efforts towards Tabligh and Dawah, inshallah good results can be achieved. I want to conclude my observations by reproducing a very moving advice and suggestion of late Hazrat Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyab Saheb of Deoband, "Now time has come when Muslims and Muslims countries of the world should stop begging from others and with their fundamental faith (Dawah towards Allah) establish the real supremacy of Islam in the world."     (Extract from Deeni Dawat ke Qur'ani Usool, P.No. 16) I hope English translation of these stories will be liked by readers.
Wasi Sulaiman Nadvi
Editor ARMUGHAN Monthly
Phulat, Muzaffar Nagar, (U.P.)


By Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

{A convert girl Hira was burnt alive by her father and Uncle for embracing Islam. She raising her hands towards the sky amidst the burning fire screamed "Oh My Allah! Thou are watching me (surely), Thee love me, Thy servant Hira. Yes my Allah! Thou loved the caves of Hira and also this burning Hira too. After getting Thy love I do not care for anything.}
Ahmed Awwah:   Assalamoalaikum wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu. 
Abdullah:    Walekum Assalam wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu. 
Q:      Abdullah Bhai! You know a monthly magazine "Armughan" is published at Phulat. There has been an ongoing series of interviews of the people who have embraced ISLAM in it. I want to put certain questions to you in this respect. 
A:      Ahmed Bhai (wiping his tears) why do you want to pollute the pages of this sacred magazine by publishing affairs of a cruel and villain person like me. 
Q:      Oh no Abdullah Bhai! Abbi (my father Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui) desires to get your interview published because your life presents a unique symbol of Allah's omnipotence. 
A:      May Allah blesses your father with long life, I regard myself his slave and therefore bow before his command and I am ready to answer your questions. 
Q:      Will you please introduce yourself? 
A:      My real introduction is that I am the most cruel and worst type of human being, resembling a beast. 
Q:      It is only a sentimental introduction. Tell something about yourself and your family. 
A:      I was born in an Ahir (cowherd men) caste family in a Rajput Muslim majority village Budhana of district Muzaffar Nagar 42 or 43 years ago. My family was staunch Hindu and engaged in criminal activities. My father and Uncle commanded a gang of dacoits and committed all sorts of evil acts. In 1987 Meerut riots I along with my father and relatives slaughtered about 25 Muslims. Then I joined the Bajrang-Dal because I hated Muslims. In connection with Babri Masjid demolition I killed many Muslims in Shamli and Budhana. I shot a notorious Muslims gangster and then I committed a most heinous and barbaric act never seen by anyone in this world. (He started weeping and continued it for some time.) 
Q:      Now tell me how you came in fold of Islam. 
A:      There is Surah named Al-Burooj in the 30th para (section) of the Holy Qur'an. Allah has told a story of people who were destroyed, and killed in ditch of fire. Probably it refers to me. Please recite the Arabic text about their destruction in ditches of fire. 
Q:      Qutila a[s]-[ha]bu alukhdood(i(.A(l)nn[a]ri [tha]ti alwaqood(i(. I[th] hum AAalayh[a] quAAood (un(
بِسْمِ الله الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
085.004 قُتِلَ أَصْحَابُ الأخْدُودِ      085.005        النَّارِ ذَاتِ الْوَقُودِ   085.006       إِذْ هُمْ عَلَيْهَا قُعُودٌ
Al-Qur'an, 085:004-006 (Al-Burooj [The Zodiacal Signs, The Constellations]) 
A:      What would be Arabic translation of the phrase "Mercy was bestowed on person inflicted with fire? 
Q:      Raham Ashabal Ukhdu 
A:      Yes if this verse is referred to me, it would have been so, Raham Ashabal Ukhdu … 
Q:      Now proceed further. 
A:      My brother how can I tell you that my stone like heart and mouth do not allow me to recite that event. 
Q:      Even then please tell it so that others may take lesson. 
A:      Certainly, my embracing Islam can raise new hopes for such persons. When the All-Merciful Lord Allah (Arhamar-rahimin) can bestow His blessing on a person like me, then others should not give up hope of getting His mercy. Listen, Ahmed Bhai! I had an elder brother and we two brothers loved each other profoundly and committed all sorts of crimes and cruelty together. I had no issues, but my brother had two daughters and two sons. His eldest daughter was Hira. She was highly sentimental and either loved or hated someone just like a mad person. Some times we thought that she was under some evil spirit and consulted some exorcists also. But there was no change in her. She studied up to 8thclass and then without permission of her elders filled High school examination form. She worked in fields to pay fees and cost of the books. She used to go to a Brahmin's family in neighbourhood for getting tuitions from his daughter. The Brahmin's son was a ruffian. He seduced her and eloped with her to a gang of criminals living in a jungle near Baraut. Hira was upset because of fear of losing her honour and resultant infamy of her parents and used to weep. One day a Muslim boy from Idreespur who was also member of the same gang saw her weeping and enquired the reason. She confessed to him her folly and told her apprehensions. The Muslim guy felt pity for her and declared that as a Muslim he would always treat her as his sister and would protect her honour. He also promised to take her out of the clutches of the gang. He suggested to his associates that the girl had ample talents to serve the gang and that she should be dressed like males. The suggestion was approved and she used to wear male dresses. The Muslim boy kept his promise and in the night took special care to protect her. On the members of gang became lenient towards her. One day he managed to send Hira to his house in Idreespur and told his younger brother to go to jungle and inform the gang member that people of Baraut had handed the girl on some suspicions to the police. Accordingly, his brother came to the jungle and informed the gangstets. Then he asked him to send Hira to the police station in Baraut and narrate her story to police. A FIR about Hira’s elopement was already lodged there. The lady police of Budhana came to Baraut and took Hira to our house. We accepted her but were in fix how to keep girl of loose morals. Hira told us that gang abducted her but she had not lost her chastity. At first we didn't believe her but at the suggestion of an educated relative we got her medical examination at Budhana Hospital. Doctor gave her a clean chit and we brought her back to home. She used to speak highly of that Muslim boy and praised Muslims. One day I saw some religious books in Urdu given to her by Muslim neighbours. I beat her mercilessly and threatened to kill her if she brought such books again in the house. But she was under spell of Islam and her heart had accepted the new faith. She went to a local Maulana with a Muslim school girl and embraced Islam. She learnt how to pray and used to say it secretly. A great change took place in her and instead of looking cheerful lass she looked sad and desperate. One day she left the home and went to Maulana’s house at Phulat. Ahmed Bhai I think she stayed for some days in your house also. 
Q:      Oh Yes, Yes! Hira Baji! Where is she? All of us are concerned about her welfare. She is a very nice lady. It is a surprise that you are her Uncle. 
A:      Yes Ahmed Bhai! She was named Hira by your father. But the cruel & tyrant killer uncle of the fair child is standing before you. (He starts crying.) 
Q:      Tell me where is Hira Baji? 
A:      Brother I'm going to tell you the account of my barbaric act of tyranny. As you know Maulana Saheb sent her to his sister's house at Delhi. There she got homely treatment from your aunt and mother.  One night she dreamt that her mother had expired. She got up crying and requested Maulana Saheb to allow her to go to her home. But your family members discouraged her from going home and told her that her elder's would kill her. When she pressed very hard, Maulana Saheb allowed her to go and told her to invite her family members to embrace Islam and escape fire of hell. But Hira told him that they would never become Muslim because they hated Islam. Maulana Saheb asked her to pray for success of her mission. He told her that even if they killed her, she would get instant admission into paradise and her martyrdom would be beneficial for the whole family. Maulana Saheb told her to say two rakats of salah and pray to Allah and then leave for Budhana. Hira acted on his advice and came to our house. I beat her with shoes and kicked her. She informed us about her embracing Islam and asserted that no one could stop her from living as a Muslim. Her mother died after two month and she asked us to get her buried through local Muslims because she had recited Kalma before her. But how could we accept this proposal. We burnt her on a pyre. In order to check constant tension in the house we sent her to her maternal uncle's house at Meerut. But after some time he sent her back as he could not tolerate her Then I consulted some Bajrang Dal worker's. They advised me to kill her. I dug a five feet deep pit on the bank of a river. Her father and I myself took her on the pretext of going to her aunt's residence. She took bath, wore new clothes and offered prayers before coming with us. When we turned towards river, she laughed and asked to her father if he was taking to her aunt's house or to her bridegroom's house. (Cries for long) 
Q:      (After giving him some water) Please complete your narrative. 
A:      How could do I? I had 5 liters of petrol in my bag. We reached the pit and then her cruel beast like uncle pushed the fair child in the pit and said how she would save us from fire, as she is going to taste Hell fire first. I poured petrol on her and lighted match stick.  (Sobs uncontrollably) My brother felt remorse and wanted to take her out. This enraged me and I dragged my brother and left the place. My brother asked me to try once more to persuade her to retrace her steps. But this added to my anger. While returning from inside the pit, we heard loud chanting of "LA ILAAHA ILLALLAH". These words purred into my callous heart. On return my brother fell ill and this shock took away his life. Two days before his death, he called me and said, "Whatever we did in the life cannot be rectified; now I could not die in peace till I embrace the religion of Hira. Please bring some Maulana to me." I collapsed to see my brother's condition. Then I went out and fetched the Imam of our local mosque. My brother asked him to make him recite Kalma. Then he recited the Kalma and declared his name as "Abdur Rehman". Then he asked me to bury him as per Muslim rites. It was very difficult for me but in order to obey his last desire I took him to Delhi Hospital where he died. Then I approached a doctor at Hamdard Dawakhana who arranged his burial with the help of some Muslim residents of Sangam Vihar. 
Q:      This is quite strange. But you did not tell about your embracing Islam.
The fire caught her new clothes. She cried, "Oh My Allah Thou is seeing me. My Allah that loves me, Thou loved the cave of Hira and also loves Hira burning in this pit. I do not care anything after Thine love." Then she called her father loudly and said "Father do embrace Islam Cha-cha you also become Muslim."
A:      I am telling you just now. My enmity to Islam had receded but I was sad to see my brother die as a Muslim. I was convinced that his wife would have also become a Muslim. I felt that some Muslim has cost some spell round our house and therefore, my family members were leaving ancestoral religion one by one. I consulted some Tantriks. One day I was going to Oon on a bus owned and driven by a Muslim. A Qawwali tape was on reciting the story of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) service to an old lady who later on became a Muslim. This Qawwali changed my heart and I thought that the story of this Prophet was really true. I got down at Jhinjhana and set out for Shamli to get some information about Islam. In the bus for Shamli a speech by Qari Haneef Saheb of Pakistan about death and hereafter was being relayed in a recorded tape. In order to hear full speech I extended my journey up to Muzaffar Nagar. The speech brought me closer to Islam. On return journey to Budhana I asked a Maulana sitting by my side to help me in getting full information about Islam. He advised me to contact Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui of Phulat. I headed for Phulat but Maulana was out and was expected the next day. So I stayed there and a teacher gave me a book written by Maulana Kaleem "Aapki Amanat Aapki Sewa Main" to read. The book and its contents touched my heart and I longed for becoming a Muslim. Next evening I meet Maulana Saheb and expressed my desire to embrace Islam. He became very happy and taught me to recite Kalma and gave me new name "Abdullah". This was 13th January 2000. I stayed with the Maulana Saheb in the night and narrated him the brutal story of my atrocities' & beastly conduct. The Maulana Saheb wept bitterly to hear about tragic death of Hira and told me that she had lived with his sister. He consoled me by saying that by embracing Islam Allah would forgive all my sins. But I remained dissatisfied and said how such barbarous and heinous crimes could be pardoned. The Maulana Saheb clarified "Embracing Islam gets one's previous sins pardoned". Since you have killed so many Muslims now you should try to save their lives and serve them. Holy Qur'an says that good deeds destroy sins. He advised me to serve Muslims in misery and try to save and protect their lives. Fortunately during Gujarat riots my Allah gave me ample opportunities to compensate for my black deeds. I went there and posed like a Hindu and saved a number of Muslims. I escorted them to places of safety. I used to attend the meetings of Violent Hindus and disclose their evil designs to Muslims and help them to move to safe places. You must have heard about miraculous escape of 400 Muslim children of a Madrasa at Bhaonagar from arson and brutal attack of Hindus. This was I who informed the police and then broke down the boundary wall of Madrasa so that the innocent boys could escape before the mob could arrive and put the Madrasa to fire. I rendered such services for about three months. But even then I was not sure that my sins could be condoned. Then Maulana Kaleem once again assured me that Allah can do so and that I should not give up hopes to get His blessing and mercy. He also advised me to join Tablighi Jamaat to get detailed information about Islam and Shariat. I asked him to give me two months to make necessary arrangement. I sold my property and lands in the village and shifted to Delhi. I went in Jamaat tours for the whole year and got my wife, nephews and nieces converted to Islam. But still my heart remains gloomy and sad about my ghastly acts of tyranny and cruelty. Maulana Kaleem Saheb asked me to recite Holy Qur'an specially surah Burooj (surah no. 85) and its translation repeatedly. What a graphic truth has been revealed fourteen hundred years before by all knowing Allah who knows future happenings. Ahmed Bhai if you read surah Burooj specially its verses 4 to 9 where it has been stated 085.004              قُتِلَ أَصْحَابُ الأخْدُودِ 085.005              النَّارِ ذَاتِ الْوَقُودِ 085.006              إِذْ هُمْ عَلَيْهَا قُعُودٌ 085.007              وَهُمْ عَلَى مَا يَفْعَلُونَ بِالْمُؤْمِنِينَ شُهُودٌ 085.008              وَمَا نَقَمُوا مِنْهُمْ إِلا أَنْ يُؤْمِنُوا بِاللَّهِ الْعَزِيزِ الْحَمِيدِ 085.009              الَّذِي لَهُ مُلْكُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالأرْضِ وَاللَّهُ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌ Woe to the makers of the pit (of fire), Fire supplied (abundantly) with fuel: Behold! They sat over against the (fire), And they witnessed (all) that they were doing against the Believers. And they ill-treated them for no other reason than that they believed in Allah, Exalted in Power, Worthy of all Praise!- Him to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! And Allah is Witness to all things. Perish the fellows of the ditch of the fuel fed fire. When they sat by at it and were witness to what they did with the faithful. And they persecuted them for naught save that they believed in Allah the mighty the laudable; Him whose domain is the heavens and the earth. And Allah is witness over everything's." I still hear the echo of last words of Hira "Oh my Allah Thou is seeing me Thou loves me and also The Cave of Hira. I do not require anything else after thee. Then she called her father and said ‘Father do embrace Islam and Cha-cha you also become a Muslim. (He starts weeping and crying bitterly) 
Q:      It is gratifying that you acted on her advice. You are very lucky that Allah changed the darkness of tyranny into light of Islam. 
A:      Yes Allah who loved Hira accepted her recommendation otherwise such a beastly tyrant like me could never get this blessing. 
Q:      Thank you so much, Abdullah Bhai! 
A:      Ahmed Bhai, do pray or me that Allah enables me to do something to compensate for my deadly sins. I feel a bit relieved on my doings in Gujarat and get comfort from reading Qur'an. (Allah Hafiz. (May God keep you in His protective care.)
Monthly Magzine
February 2005
[Developed world equipped with science and technology needs Islam badly, sister Asma, I am not exaggerating and after looking world very closely assert that only Islam can remove the filth and darkness prevailing in the world. Why we the Muslims feel brow beaten before this deficient and amoral world even though we possess invaluable wealth of IMAN? I fail to understand this inferiority complex. We should feel proud of our prosperity and sympathize with this collapsing insolvent world.]


Asma: Assalamoalaikum wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu; 
Dr. Safiya:  Walekum Assalam wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu. 
Q:      Dr. Saheba. My father phoned me from Ajmer to contact you for an interview which would he published in an Urdu Magazine ARMUGHAN published from Phulat. This magazine is spreading messages of guidance and truth among masses of the area and interviews from newly converts to Islam are regularly published for the benefit of all. 
A:      Yes I could get Maulana Saheba on phone after continuous efforts of last 15 day. He told me about these interviews and their constructive role in the work of Dawah. I shall be glad to be a part in this good work. Ask me whatever you like. 
Q:      Thanks. First please introduce yourself. 
A:      My earlier name was Saroj Shalini. I was born on 24th Sept 1978 in Mohanlalgunj, a suburban town near Lucknow in a Brahmin family. My father Mr. K.A. Sharma M.D. (cardiology) was professor in Pant Hospital Delhi. Ten years back he got himself transferred to Lucknow. He was an admirer of oriental civilization and liked Indian culture. He thus pressurized his family to find a domestic type womanas his wife. I have two elder brothers, one of them is a reader in Benares Hindus University and the other is working as an engineer in B.H.E.L. I qualified in PMT competition and graduated with degree of M.B.B.S. from Lucknow Medical College and M.D. from Maulana Azad College Delhi. Presently, I am serving in department of cardiology at AIMS New Delhi and pursuing M.D. in cardiology. On 20th May 2004 I embraced Islam in a Mosque at green park New Delhi at the instance of your respected father. 
Q:      Please give details of your acceptance of Islam and its causes. 
A:      I was on duty in children's I.C.C.U ward when a Maulana came to see a child belonging to a family from Haryana. The attendant was mother of the child. She asked the Maulana to blow some charm on the boy. Following her, the attendants of other child patients requested Maulana to blow charms and prayers on them. At that time our head of Department Dr. Tyagi came on a round of the ward. He objected to it and asked about Maulana's identity and warned him that in view of risk of infections outsiders were not allowed to enter I.C.U. ward. Maulana told him that all patients belonged to human fraternity and he was only conveying to them the words of Lord Creator irrespective of their religion, sex or colour. He referred to Hazrat Ibrahim and other Prophets and said that it is Allah alone who cures all diseases through treatment given by doctors as per His will. I was impressed into his talks and took him to my cabin. He told me that serving my patients with love and care was blessing of Allah and I have got such nice opportunity to look after suffering people and share with their woes and pain. He also assured me that their gratitude would bless me. While concluding he again called me his sister and urged me to take care of the patients and console their parents and relatives. I promised to abide by his advice. After wards I asked the father of the child about the identity of the Maulana. He told me that he was known as Hazratji and thousands have embraced ISLAM after having contacts with him. I was impressed much to see that Maulana's blowing charm had good effects of relief on the patients. After some time many of the patients were discharged.
I feel that in this era of science and technology world badly needs Islam because it is totally bankrupt. Sister Asma I am exaggerating but looking closely at the modern world affairs I am convinced that only Islam can pull away this world from collapse and in solvency. Only IMAN has solutions to the problems of the world. I am surprised how we Muslims possessing wealth of Islam are brow beaten by modern world. Why are we feeling inferiority complex? We should be proud of over belongings and feel remorse for this deficient and bankrupt world. We are generous givers and this world is despicable and mean.
One day a former colleague of mine, Dr. Raina Sehgal who was working as a Gynecologist in Safdargunj Hospital invited me for dinner. She had employed a Muslim maid who cooked her food. I asked her the reason for employing as Muslim lady instead of a Hindu. She praised her honesty and efficiency. Then she referred about conversion of people who had come under fold of Islam and told me that a young Cardiologist in her hospital Dr. Balbir had embraced ISLAM two years ago. He wanted that whole hospital staff become Muslim. He further told her that if she wanted to escape from hell for then she should embrace ISLAM. These talks reminded me of Maulana Saheb. I asked Dr. Raina to introduce me to Dr. Balbir. Next day she asked me to come to her place on Sunday to meet Dr. Balbir. I went there and met Dr. Balbir who was a gentle dark complexioned young man who appeared in a pensive mood. I asked him about reasons of coming to the fold of Islam. He replied that he became Muslim about 9 year ago after being convinced that Islam was only true and perfect religion and without accepting it nobody could get salvation or escape from Hell fire. He told me that his Islamic name is Wali-Ullah (friend of Allah). I narrated to him the visit of Maulana in I.C.U. ward and his talks of human brother hood and service. Dr. Balbir endorsed fully the views of the Maulana and said that all these things were delivered by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in his sermon on his last Hajj Voyage. He said he would send printed copy of this version of sermon to me through D.Raina. After 3 or 4 days Dr. Raina Sehgal gave me the sermon of the Prophet along with its English translation. I was amazed to read it specially his commands about women folk. Then I wanted to trace out the Maulana and meet him for further discussion and guidance. But I could not get his address. I was impatient to know more and more about Islam and I met Dr. Balbir at Safdargunj hospital again and asked him to give me some Islamic literature. Next day he came to my Hospital and gave me a small look in Hindi entitled ''Aap ki Amanat Aap ki seva men'. He said that the book is informative about Islam and asked me to read it sympathetically. He also informed me that he embraced Islam at the instance of author of this book and I would know about Islam and author after reading it. I read the book with interest and phoned Dr. Balbir to arrange my meeting with the author and also give me some more books written by him. After four days Dr. Balbir rang me up and told me that I could meet the author Maulana Kaleem Saheb at green park Mosque. I along into Dr. Balbir reached the mosques and found Maulana waiting for me. I fell at his feet because he was the Maulana who called me his sister in I.C.U. ward. Maulana picked me up and asked me if I still faced any obstacle in becoming a Muslim. I agreed to convert to Islam and the Maulana taught me Kalma to recite and gave me name SAFIA SHALNI and wrote name of some books. He also urged me to offer prayers regularly. 
Q:      Did you announce your conversion publicly? 
A:      No, because Maulana strongly prohibited me to do so. However I told this to some people close to me. At times I prefer not to conceal the true religion of ISLAM but then I prefer to abide by the advice of my spiritual guide and mentor. 
Q:      Did you tell it to Dr. Raina Sehgal? 
A:      Yes I informed her due to my and Dr. Wali Ullah's influence. She has also recited Kalma but kept it secret because she is a married lady. Her husband Dr. B.K. Sehgal runs his own clinic and belongs to a staunch Hindu family. These days he has joined Radha Swami Sat Sangh. 
Q:      Are you in contact with Dr. Wali ullah? 
A:      Dr. Wali Ullah developed some heart disease which required installing of pace maker. I took great interest in his treatment. He was married to a Govt. employee girl. He had informed her before marriage and they were married according to Muslim rites. But unfortunately she could not take interest in Islam and her service also became a hurdle. This affected Dr. Wali Ullah's health. When allopathic medicines could not cure him Maulana Saheb prescribed some Unani medicines and Khamiras and within two months he almost recovered. Maulana Saheb advised him to go to some Arab country along with his wife. Last month he called her wife to Saudi Arabia where he got a good job and his problems were solved. Dr. Wali Ullah was trying to convince Dr. Sehgal and there is some change in his attitude. I was not in a position to talk to him freely. 
Q:      Do your parents know about your conversion? 
A:      Yes I have told my father frankly. He was not pleased to hear it but gradually his displeasure is receding 
Q:      Are you married? 
A:      My father was concerned about it and tried to find a sutiable match from among his students. But it did not materialize. I asked Maulana's permission to announce my change of religion but he advised me to wait further. Then he asked Dr. Wali Ullah to get some job for me in Saudi Arabia and by grace of Allah I have been appointed at king Abdul Aziz Hospital Jeddah and I have got 2 years leave also. Sister Asma the question raised by you about my marriage reminds me of a joke about you. Perhaps, you remember that a surgeon of P.G.I. Chandigarh Dr. Asad Afridi proposed marriage to you. He was very keen to get its approval from your side. But destiny arranged you marriage at Aligarh. He was the only doctor in that hospital having beard and used to wear Sherwani. Maulana Saheb sought my consent before proposing my marriage with Dr. Asad. On getting my consent, he arranged meeting of Dr. Asad and his parents with me. Both sides were happy on this relationship and I was married to Dr. Asad. By grace of almighty Dr. Asad also got a job in king Abdul Aziz Hospital Jeddah and joined his post. I am expecting my visa soon and earnestly desire to perform Hajj this year. 
Q:      Does marriage with a bearded and Sherwani clad person not appear strange to you in the present set up? 
A:      Alhamdu Lillah absolutely not, I am glad that everything of Islam is liked by me and I feel it as my real and natural religion. When I heard that my husband Dr. Asad is the only doctor who has a beard and who puts on Sherwani a desire came in my heart that after announcing Islam I should cover myself in burqa and would be called the only burqa clad Doctor of All India Institute of Medical Science. But Maulana Saheb though encouraged by my gesture, asked me to spend 3 or 4 years in Saudi Arabia before doing so. Personally I think that a burqa clad woman doctor in the hospital would inspire people to know more about Islam. 
Q:      Were your parents offended by your marriage without their permission? 
A:      My marriage took place suddenly. But Maulana Saheb arranged a meeting of Dr. Asad with my parents and told them that the marriage was performed without dowry or jewellery in order to escape censure from society Dr. Asad would first go to Arabia and Dr. Shalini would follow him after some time. Then their displeasure vanished. My father liked Dr. Asad very much and told me 'SHALINI you are so lucky to get such a handsome husband'. He came to Delhi airport to see off Dr. Asad and conveyed his good wishes. 
Q:      Certainly you are very lucky as invisible hand made all these arrangements. 
A:      Surely. This is all blessing of Allah. Whenever I recollect all these things I bow before Him. I never deserved favours that I got from the light of Islam in the darkness of infidelity and polytheism. 
Q:      Have you given DAWAH to your parents to join Islamic fold? 
A:      Yes I am working on them and slowly they are coming closer. 
Q:      Do you want to give any message to Muslims through ARMUGHAN? 
A:      I feel that in this era of science and technology, the World badly needs Islam. Sister Asma I am not exaggerating but looking closely at the modern world affairs I am convinced that only Islam can pull this world away from collapse and in solvency. Only Islam has solutions to the problems of the world. I am surprised how we Muslims possessing wealth of Islam are brow beaten by modern world. Why do we have inferiority complex? We should be proud of our possessions and feel remorse for this deficient and bankrupt world. We are generous givers and this world is despicable and mean. 
Q: Thank you very much Dr. Safia Assalamoalaikum wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu 
A:      I am grateful to you Sister Asma Walekum Assalam wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu.
[Living a day with faith is much more Precious than hundreds years life without faith. If one does not believe it he can test it by becoming a Muslim. This inspired me to become a Muslim even for a few days]

3. Mulaqaat with Sister Ayesha (Balwindra Kaur)


Asma:           Alsalam Alaikum Wa Rahhat Ullah Barkathoo. 
Ayesha: Walaiku Salam Wa Rahhat Ullah Barkathoo.

Q.  Sister Aysha. What is the matter that you came here after such a long time
A:      Sister Asma I was so eager to come but I could not get Hazrat Saheb on phone. By chance I got him and took an appointment to come here. 
Q:      Actually from Phulat an Urdu magazine ARMUGHAN is published. My father has ordered me to take you interview for this magazine 
A: Oh yes I know ARMUGHAN very well. I have picked up a little Urdu and can read ARMUGHAN with some difficulty. 
Q:      First of all you give your family background and introduction. 
A:      I was born on 3rd June 1965 in a Sikh family of Ferozpur district (Punjab). My father Shri Fatah Singh was a Zamindar of the area. I graduated from Guru Govind Singh College and was married in an educated family of Jalandhar. At that time my husband was a station officer in police. Due to hard work he was promoted to rank of Deputy S.P. I have got two sons and a daughter and all of them are studying. 
Q:      Now please tell about coming to fold of ISLAM. 
A:      I had a younger sister Asha who was very pretty. My father married her also to a police station officer. Our father loved her very much. After marriage she fell ill and despite all possible treatment she did not recover. Her husband also took her to Delhi for treatment but to no avail. He even took her to sooth Sayers and exorcist. She was taken to a Muslim lady "Baji" at Malerkotla, who gave her a talisman which gave her relief. Then she explained to Asha "Look you cannot stand this misery for few days, then how could you face the eternal torment of hell? Please think over it and embrace ISLAM. If willing, I'll send you to Hazrat Saheb at Phulat and there by grace of Allah you will be cured completely.  Asha told her that she would consult her husband. But the lady told her that in case of faith there is no need of consulting husband. If he did not allow you to do so, or beat you, there was no option. Then she would recieve pleasure of her Lord Allah and get entry in paradise. But Asha said that it was necessary for her to consult the family before taking any decision. The lady asked her to expedite. Asha came back to Bhatinda and told everything to her husband and said that she was feeling much better and would regain perfect heath only when she becomes a Muslim. Her husband loved her very much. He said "Do whatever you like but become healthy and cheerful again. I will be happy". Then Asha rang to Baji and asked Hazrat Saheb's address so that she could go there and embrace ISLAM. She gave her Hazrat Saheb (Maulana Kaleem's) telephone number and on 25th May Asha rang Mulana Saheb and sought his permission to come to him and recite Kalma. Maulana Saheb told her that it would be better for her to recite Kalma at Malerkotla. Asha said that she would prefer to do so before him. But Maulana said, "Look sister, even healthy man does not know when he would meet death. You are already sick therefore it is better for you to recite Kalma immediately on phone. You can renew it here later on". Asha agreed and recited the Kalma on phone. Maulana explained to her certain fundamentals of ISLAM, named her Ayesha (on the name of Prophet Mohammad's wife) and asked her to learn prayers and desist from puja and other polytheistic rites. After this conversation she told everybody including her husband and myself about her ISLAM. I did not like that she had changed her religion. But she was happy and I could feel that her face was shining in a peculiar way. When I asked her the reason, she told me that it was light of faith. She looked quite healthy and cheerful. After long time that she had cooked food and ate with family members. Before retiring to bed she took a bath and started reciting Kalma which was written on a piece of paper. She learnt it fully but then she fell in delirium and started talking nonsense. She said, “There is a Palace of gold. There is a place in paradise for me and people have bought beautiful flowers for me. I am going to heaven." Then she recited Kalma thrice and fell on her side. The doctor declared her dead. The whole family was shocked and started lamenting and crying. The family decided that she should be buried as per Muslim rites. Accordingly, many Muslims from Malerkotla came and buried her in local grave yard. 
Q: This is very strange story of your sister's coming to Islamic fold. Her death was quite ideal and pure without any prayer, fast or any Islamic action. Actually her death is envious for us. Now narrate the events of your acceptance of Islam. 
A: My conversion is knit with the steps taken by Ayesha. We loved each other very much. Her sudden death broke me down completely. Frequently I thought about her one day's life after embracing Islam and her death with smile and her enviable joy on departing from prison of this life to the paradise just after recitation of Kalma. I have seen many people dying and was horrified to see their agony and pain. They breathed their last with great difficulty. I wondered how Asha met such easy and cheerful end.
One night I dreamt that Ayesha was sitting on a throne with a pillow. She was clad in jewels and pearl clothes, with a Crown on her head like a princess. I asked her the reason of such a nice death. She replied that it was due to faith (IMAAN) she said "Sister living a day with faith is more precious than hundreds of years of life without IMAAN. If you do not believe it, just try and be a Muslim for a few days."
When I woke up my heart was full of desire to become a Muslim for few days. I discussed it with my husband who was worried to see my grief and sad plight. So he allowed me to do so but also showed his apprehensions about my sudden death like Asha. I told him that in case of my death I would go to paradise and he should get a second wife with an assurance that she would not torture my children. After two days, through Baji of Malerkotla I got an appointment with Maulana Kaleem Saheb. First on phone I told him my desire to become Muslim for a week on trial bases and told about sudden and surprising death of Asha after her conversion. After some hesitation Maulana permitted me to come to him. I along with my grandmother and maid went to Khatauli by train and reached Phulat by car sent by Maulana Saheb. After taking bath and breakfast we met the family members of Hazrat Saheb. These ladies told me that a week's conversion to Islam was meaningless and it must be for the whole life. I was upset to think of permanent change of faith and its effects. In the afternoon Maulana also came and promised to talk to me in detail during night because he had to attend to so many guests waiting for him. Meanwhile, I read "Aap ki Aamanat Aap ki Seva Men" thrice and finally decided to embrace Islam forever. After Maghreb Prayers, Maulana came to me and explained to me the value and benefits of Islam. Then with my consent he asked me to recite Kalma and christened me Ayesha on the name of Prophet Mohammad's favorite wife, Hazrat Ayesha. I noticed that while talking to me Maulana was looking toward his family women. I asked him the reason of this. He replied that Islam commanded its followers to observe Parda and separation between males and females. All the women with whom a Muslim male can establish marriage relation were Namehrem to him i.e. they should hide themselves from him. Maulana told me that actually he should have talked with me behind a curtain, but in order to keep me at ease he turned his face to the other side and in Dawah work some leniency was permitted. Then I enquired him why he did not ask me to recite Kalma on phone like Asha and called me to Phulat. He confessed his mistake and said that it would have been better as delay should not happen in recting Kalma. One should always remember uncertainly of life. He further told me that talking to Asha on phone he apprehended her quick end and therefore he asked her to recite Kalma immediately on phone. But in your case this did not occur to him and he called me here. Then he stressed upon me the importance and need of IMAAN forever. He warned me about apparent hardships and dangers of conversion and urged me to face all unpleased consequences with patience and spirit of sacrifice. He explained to the benefits of Islam, Prayers and Other articles of faith. Then he enquired about my grandmother and maid and preached them to become Muslims. Both of them were already inclined towards Islam. So they also recited Kalma. Hazrat named my Grandmother AMINA and maid MARIA. Sister Muneera and Ammi Jaan treated us very well and helped us learn Prayers and other fundamentals of ISLAM. We happily returned to our home.
  1. After your return please tell us about what all happened.
  2. While bidding us farewell Hazrat Saheb advised me to get my husband, children and other relatives converted to Islam and to save them from clutches of hell. Further, he made it clear to me that such tests and trials in the way of Islam and Iman may bring hardship and danger but would enhance my stature in the eyes of Allah.
I told everything to my husband and urged him to embrace Islam because I had become Muslim for ever. Since he loved me passionately, he took my talks lightly at first. But when I pressurized him for conversion, he became furious and asked me to leave Islamic fold. I rang up Maulana Saheb and asked him if a Muslim woman could live as a wife of a Sikh. Maulana replied that in my case the marriage had become null and void. However in order to persuade the husband and family members, I might stay with him but with due care and restraint. This put me in a very tense situation. I felt very uneasy to live with him. Every day we quarreled bitterly. I again approached Maulana Saheb who advised me to offer TaHajjud prayers and make special prayers to Allah. I followed his instructions and spent whole night in saying prayers and beseeching Allah's blessing and help. My Allah responded to my prayers. The next night when I pressed hard my husband to become Muslim he finally gave up. He said to me "I am fed up with these daily quarrels. If you are pleased to see me a Muslim, get me converted to Islam". I told him that to become a Muslim for my pleasures sake was quite useless, and he must do it to please his Creator who sees and knows everything. Then I gave him Maulana's book Aap Ki Aamanat to read. Earlier he used to throw it but this time he took it and read it minutely. I noticed that colour of his face was changing while reading the book, Then he loudly recited KALMA SHAHADAT three times and said. "I am now reciting Kalma not to please you but to please my Creator Allah." His reciting of Kalma made me extremely happy and after two month of turmoil and bitterness, I got peace and relief. Next day he got transfer order for ROPAR and went there. After a week he went to check security arrangement and was standing near boundary wall of a college when due to gush of furious storm the wall collapsed and my husband died under its debris. Sister Asma I could not tell you the intensity of grief and shock felt by me on this ghastly tragedy. But by Allah's Grace I faced the bereavements with courage. I was satisfied that after embracing Islam my husband got entry in paradise through this accident and I felt assured that I would also be admitted in paradise. About his KIRYA KARAM (Last rites) trouble arose because his family members claimed to be the rightful heir of the deceased. D.I.G., I.G and other officers also intervened. Finally it was decided to erect a SAMADHI for him. But I called a local Maulvi Saheb who offered JANAZA Prayers for him. 
Q:      Then did you return to Jalandhar? 
A:      Yes! And as directed by Hazrat Saheb I spent IDDAT (Period of Mourning) there. Then my brother staying at London called me there and I tried to get my passport issued.  Meanwhile I saw KAABA in a dream and told it to Maulana along with my desire to perform HAJJ. Maulana Saheb told me that HAJJ was obligatory on me. But I could not perform it without a Mehram. He advised me to marry again. But my desire to go for HAJJ was intensified to the level of madness. I made a number of trips to Phulat and Delhi, met scores of travel agents but could not succeed to go on HAJJ voyage. I used to weep bitterly and prayers to Allah for fulfillment of my desire. Three Days before Baqrid I was over whelmed and became unconscious at the time of TAHAJJUD. It a state of Half- awakening, I saw HAJJ scarf on my head and myself going to mina and Arafat. I performed complete HAJJ. When I woke up my heart was full of joy. I phoned to Maulana Kaleem Saheb who was in Makkah at the time. He was stunned to hear details given by me. 
Q:  My Father told me that you Performed HAJJ last year actually. 
A:   Yes! I am so grateful to Allah that after HAJJ in Dream, I prevailed upon one of my brothers to embrace Islam and then both of us Performed HAJJ last year. 
Q: Have you any Message for ARMUGHAN? 
A: Like Sister Ayesha I also repeat that one day life with IMAN is better than 100 years life without IMAN. Pray for all of us to be admitted in paradise. Thanks.



[My message for Muslims is to look after each other with good wishes and keep good relations with Hindus and reduce distance from them. Hindu community is keen and anxious to know about Islam, Concerted efforts can lead to massive conversions.]
SAFOORA: I invited newly converted sister Jameela to my house through efforts of Sister Shahnaz. She came along with AFSANA, sister of Maulana Zulfiqar's wife. After salutation and tea I told Jameela sister about interviews published in 'Armughan' and 'Allah Ki Pukar' magazines in order to attract and persuade non Muslims towards Islam. Sister Shahnaz also endorsed my views and spoke about the popularity of these interviews not only in India but in Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and Africa also. Thus Jameela Sahiba agreed to give the interview otherwise she held the view that she wanted to get Allah's pleasure only and nothing else especially worldly fame. 
Q:      What was your earlier name? 
A:      My earlier name was PUSHPA 
Q:      What is the name of your father? 
A:      My father was Sheo Ram Bhagat and my mother was called Sooma Bai 
Q:      Tell me about your family and native place. 
A:      I belonged to a Bhagat family of Rajpura district Patiala and my family consisted of three sisters. 
Q:      Why you left your religion and come under Islamic fold? 
A:      True and simple answer is that Allah liked me and blessed me with the gift of IMAN and freed me from bondage of infidelity. Apparently it’s a long story about my attraction towards Islam.
I used to wear sari and sleeve less blouse. One day some young workers told me that my dress disrupted their faith and concentration. I asked them to explain the term faith. They replied we are Muslims and our religion teaches that women should be properly dressed and covered to preserve modesty and character and faith of both males and females. They also told me that for faith KALMA was to be recited.
Q:      Yes yes all of us are impatient to hear your account. 
A:      We belong to a poor family. But my mother's sister was married in a rich family. I was 20 year old when my aunt got me married with son of his brother in law. He was an officer in C.B.I. My mother was not willing because of status difference but she was forced to accept it. After marriage I came to know that my husband was a drunkard and very careless fellow. I was maltreated by my in laws. After 3 years of marriage a son was born to me in a hospital in horrible condition. My mother also stopped to take care of me because of her circumstance. I had to earn live hood by doing menial jobs. I became mother of a son and two daughters. But I had a sharp mind. I jointed stitching cum embroidery work shop and got 250/- P.M as salary. The workshop was owned by a Hindu but workers were Muslims. I used to wear sari and sleeve less blouse. One day some young workers told me that my dress disrupted their faith and concentration. I asked them to explain the term faith. They replied "We are Muslims and our religion teaches that women should be properly dressed and covered to preserve modesty and character and faith of both males and females." They also told me that for faith KALMA was to be recited. I said probably Muslim women recited it because of their religion. The Muslim workers sympathetically remarked 'Sister, who so ever you may be but we want that you should dress like our mother and sister'. "Their emphasis on faith and covering of women touched my heart and all of a sudden I wanted to join their faith. The other day I asked them to teach Kalma to me. But they said that their father Baba would do so. After few days an old man clad in a cloak and green cap and beads in neck came to me and asked me to say with a cloth on head 'Greetings to Ali, MOHAMMAD OH ALLAH HALI help me'. "(At this stage the Questioner and sister Jameela interrupted her and said it was not KALMA)". She replied to us. Yes but at that time I was told it amounted to faith. I followed his instruction and recited these words. Then the old man told me to visit the graves of saints and I went to many places.  I soon started stitching ladies suits and design various dresses which sold at high prices. Then I purchased machines and started my own readymade clothes business. It flourished so much that I set up my own garments factory and employed many Muslim artists. Allah gave me so much money that I purchased a whole building complex in Sultanpur Ghausabad, Nehru Place. My mother had given me a shop which I sold for Rs 12000/- out of this money I gave Rs 11000/- to the old man Baba for construction of his monastery and kept 1000 for my expenses. I completed formalities of my conversion to Islam in Patiala House Court Delhi. I concentrated on my business in Nehru Nagar and started to earn money. I found that Muslims workers spent a lot of time on the pretext of saying prayers in a distant mosque. They actually went to see pictures. In order to ensure their prayers with regular work within a short time I purchased land in HAJJ colony Ghafoor Nagar and shifted my workshop there. But Muslims of that area become hostile and raised doubts on my Islam and relations with young Muslim workers. This upset me and affected the prosperity of workshop. I had to go back to my family at Nehru Nagar and started selling cloth cut pieces. There I got good company of Muslim women specially AFSANA sister and wife of Maulana Zulfaqar. They encouraged me to carry on the business and Zufiqar Saheb helped and guided me well. He treated me as his mother. I again resumed my workshop at HAJJ colony and started business of new designs of dresses, night tee; Shalwar suits etc. and constructed my own house and workshop. I was told that I was not following real Islam and was just worshipping graves. I recited correct Kalma, learnt prayers and understood the meaning of the Hadith of Prophet 'Prayer is ascension for a believer.' [On our congratulation on this enviable state of affairs she asked us to give her some tips so that she could fully concentrate on prayers and get pure satisfaction. We told her to pray to Allah sincerely to which she readily agreed] 
Q:      Now tell us about your special moments of prayers and gratitude. 
A:      During month of Ramzan I kept fast and offered prayers. But due to sugar problem, I could not say prayers in standing pose. There were many tenants in my building. All of them were saying nafil prayers in Lailatul Qadar. But I could not join them because of pain in knees and legs. I wanted to pray in those sacred nights and was heartbroken because of this disability. I prostrated before Allah and wept bitterly on my inability to say prayers like others. All of a sudden I realized that I could stand erect and then actually I said prayers in standing position, I got rid of sugar and could move and walk freely. But after some time the illness again returned. I read in "Fazail Aamal" that mothers of a Hafiz son would be crowned in paradise. I became highly restless because both of my sons were married to Hindu women and I could not get them converted to Islam. Seeing my grief and anguish religious neighbour lady asked me to adopt a son and make him a Hafiz. I got hold of a poor child Ehtesham and sent him to Sonkari Madrasa in Saharanapur to become Hafiz. But some people told me that I would not be crowned unless the child Hafiz happened to be an orphan. This made me miserableagain.  However in a Hindu jhuggi I got an orphan child and named him Abdullah. I took him to Raipur where he has memorized 12 paras of Qur'an and I pay for his expenses. Now I have sent my 13 year old grandson Aman to Hauz mosque for Hafiza, [I told her sister Jameela you are really great in regard to Hifz-e-Qur'an and traditional Muslims must follow your zeal and love for Qur'an and Hadith] Q:   Sister Jameela you have done wonders. All of us envy as your zeal and love for Hifz-e-Qur'an. You deserve all applause. May we follow you, please tell us something more. A: I read a Hadith in Fazail-e-Aamal that snakes and scorpions would grow in the stomach of usury takers. I narrated this hadith to some Hindu women in Jalandhar and they stopped usury dealings. I feel that non Muslims are eager to know Islamic teachings. But my study is confined to Hindi translation of holy Qur'an and Fazail-e-Amaal only and I cannot explain to you more. I am sure you can do it better. [This made all of us feel ashamed and we realized that Muslims should take up this work instead of devoting their whole time and energy in material pursuits, like business and high education of our children.] 
Q:  Sister Shahnaz has told us about your reunion with your husband after 25 years and renewal of your marriage. Please let us know the detail. 
A:      My husband did not take care of me and my children for the last 25 years. Sometimes back he returned and from his fund money he purchased a flat but due to adverse circumstances he had to mortgage it. He was forced to come to my Nehru Nagar residence where both my sons lived with their families. After sometime the elder daughter in law turned him out of her place. Then he went to second son's house. One day I saw the young daughter in law was giving him food just like dogs were fed. I rebuked her for this ill treatment. Then I went to Raipur to meet my Hafiz grandson. There another boy from Jamia Millia was staying for Hafz-e-Qur'an. He knew my affairs and said to me, 'Mother your husband is still Hindu. It is your duty to invite him to Islam.' I replied that he was a drunkard and could not live without wine.' He said "Even then you must give Dawah to him with a tumbler full of wine I am sure he will become a Muslim. You must concentrate on this work." On return I tried to talk to my husband on phone but could not do so. One day my Hindu sister forcibly bought my husband to me and said ' Look, after embracing Islam my sister is leading a prosperous life. You should also turn Muslim.' He agreed and next day in Ghaffar Manzil Mosque a Maulvie made him to recite Kalma and renewed our marriage. I was sitting behind curtains. Zulfiqar Saheb asked Maulana to advise me to break pardah and meet my husband. I followed his instruction but after separation of 25 years everything appeared to be quite strange. However for the last 22 days he had not touched alcohol. 
Q:      Do you look after his Prayers and his interest in Islamic Affairs? 
A:      He offers prayers five times punctually in the mosque. He went to Phulat but could not meet Maulana Kaleem Saheb because he was away [Jameela sister suggested her to send him to Dar-e-Arkam Batla House Delhi to get proper training and discuss with Maulana Saheb]. Oh Yes training centers are very necessary where sincere scholars provide very useful knowledge and training to the newly converts. 
Q:      Sister Jameela why you left your children to live like Hindus. 
A:      I was not properly guided by any Muslim and I myself have just now become Muslim in true sense. By the way, both my sons use terms like Bismillah and Al-Hamdo-Lillah in their talks. The eldest daughter in law is orthodox Hindu but younger one has a soft corner toward Islam. The Younger son looks after factory workshop but he fears his wife. [Then we told to Jameela sister that one day we would invite her family to dinner and discuss these matters. She said 'No first I'll call you on dinner and introduce my daughters-in-law and then you should invite them.' Then she spoke highly of Zulfiqar Saheb and Afsana and praised them for their services and good wishes. I also thought that through good offers of sister Shahnaz and Javed Ashraf I was able to meet many good persons and prayed for them.] 
Q:      Now tell some specific blessings of Allah to you. 
A:      Once in a dream I saw myself sitting in a beautiful green room of a mosque with other man, there were a number of Beautiful maidens sitting with trays of jewels, Pearls & Diamond. Then in another dream I found myself clad in bright white dress standing near a spring of pure water. In third dream I saw myself with my grandson in a barren land and felt tremors of earthquake. I started reading surah Fatiha and the earthquake vanished. I don't know the meaning of this dream but I feel content and happy. 
Q:      Do you have any message for ARMUGHAN? 
A:      We must live peacefully and come closer to Hindus who are eager to know Islam and with some efforts large numbers of them can be converted to Islam. I pray that 20 Crores of Indian Muslims should realize their duty and treat their poor non Muslims brothers with sympathy and affection.


By Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[I request every Muslim to remember aim of his life and devote himself to preaching of Islam and not swayed away by revenge sentiments against anti Muslim elements. If Shiv Senik, Bajrang Dal, and other Hindus led by            Bal Thakerey, Vinay Khatiar, Uma Bharti, Ashoke Singhal knew the true nature of ISLAM and Muslims then Babri Masjid would be never razed to ground. I am sure if they are convinced that Islam is their real religion they would welcome the rebuilding of Babri Masjid].
Q:      Master Mohd Amir Assalaam-mu-Allikum 
A:      Wale-kum-Assalaam. 
Q:      Master Saheb my father is pressing me hard for taking your interview for Armughan. It is good that you yourself came to see me today. 
A:      Ahmad Bhai, I was keen to have my story of acceptance of Islam published in Armughan, as the series of interview of newly converts is very useful to encourage and help the mission of Daw'ah. This is a glaring instance of blessings of Allah. He has rewarded a culprit like me who actively participated in pulling down the sacred house of God. This is an eye opener for misguided pagans. 
Q:      Please introduce yourself and your family. 
A:      I belong to a Village in Panipat district of Haryana. I was born in a Rajput family on 6th Dec 1970. My father was a prosperous farmer and also head master of a local primary school. He was a very good man believing in values of humanity and was dead opposed to any kind of injustice and tyranny. He had seen the horrible riots of 1947 and regarded the mass scale slaughter of Muslims as a grave national stigma. He helped a lot in rehabilitation of Muslims and paid special attention toward education of Muslim children in his school.
My personal experience is that the destruction of Babri Masjid could never have occurred if members of Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Hindu masses knew something about Islam, Quran, mosques and Muslims. I am convinced that if Bal Thakre, Vinay Katihar Uma Bharati, Ashok Singhal and like-minded persons possessed some basic information about these things then they could have never committed this shameful act. 99% of Hindus are now like my father and they believe in humanity and respect Islam.
I was named Balbir Singh. After passing high school, I got admission in intermediate college at Panipat. Probably after Mumbai, Panipat was strongest fort of Shiv Sainik. There I met many fanatic youths who poisoned my mind against Muslims by giving wrong and distorted descriptions of historical events. When my father came to know about my association with Shiv Sainiks, he tried to pacify me and told me authentic stories of justice and good treatment meted to non Muslim by Babur, Aurangzeb, and other Muslim rulers. He explained to me at length the distortions made in Indian history by Englishmen to flare up bitter relations between Hindus and Muslims of India. But unfortunately all his efforts to keep me away from Shiv Sainik influence failed. I did not hear his advice of sanity. 
Q:      Please give details of your part in the destruction of Babri Masjid. 
A:      In 1990, I was given an important role during Rath Yatra of Mr Advani. The fanatics filled my heart with hatred and enmity against the Muslims. I took pledge in the name of Shivaji to go to Ayodha and pull down the structure of Babri Masjid from the premises of Ram Mandir. I was appointed Chief of youth wing of Shiv Sena and on 30th Oct. I along with my youth brigade went to Ayodha. Police tried to stop us and at some places police opened fire on the violent mob of Kar-sewaks. I could not reach near Babri Masjid but my feelings of hatred against Muslim were intensified. Group of Shivsewaks, were outraged to see police bullets being fired at Ram Bhagats in Ram Janam Bhoomi. I was in great rage. Sometimes I wanted to commit suicide and sometimes I planned to go to Lucknow and shoot Mulayam Singh. Riots broke out in the whole country and I counted days for razing down the Babri Masjid. At last that day came. On 1st Dec 1992 I with my associates reached Ayodha. There I joined Yogendra Pal, son of a Jat Zamindaar of a village near Sonipat; he was my bosom friend and came to Ayodhya with me in the teeth of stiff opposition from his father. We reached near Babri Masjid on 5th Dec and spent the night on roof of some Muslim houses. All of us were impatient to start destruction of mosque. Last year on 30th Oct we were prevented from doing so. Now we decided to start Kar Seva, but our sanchalak stopped us and asked to follow discipline. Uma Bharti with her fiery speech flared up our sentiments. I took a pickaxe and climbed over the roof of the mosque along with Yogendra Pal. As soon Uma Bharti raised the slogan "Give one punch more and pull down the mosque" I struck my pick axe on the middle dome and raised slogan of JAI JAI RAM BHAGWAN. After some time the mosque was raised down before our eyes. We happily got down and bowed our head before Ram Lallah. We bought two bricks of the mosque with us and showed them to the people of Panipat. The viewers praised us. The bricks were kept in Shiv Sena's Office and a public meeting was held to facilitate the occasion. My name as the first Striker on the mosque was announced and I got big applouse. I told all this to my father who became very angry. He was heartbroken and told me straight by that he could not live with me because of my shameful conduct. He asked me to leave the house because he could not tolerate a person who pulled down house of God. He also told me never to return home during his life time. I did not anticipate the degree of his rage and tried to tell him about my popularity and my active part in destruction of mosque. But he did not pay any heed and started leaving the house himself. But I stopped him and told that instead I would leave his house as I could not live with an anti Ram Bhagat person. I shifted to Panipat. 
Q: Now tell us about your embracing of Islam. 
A: My dear Ahmed Bhai. Allah was kind enough to bless me to come out from darkness of polytheism and terror and gave me perfect guidance. This was His great reward to a wrong doer who took part in the destruction of His house. One day Yogendra Pal took out bricks of Babri Masjid and invited Hindus to come and urinate on them. A big crowd assembled there and urinated on them with tormented glee. Now the Lord of Mosque showed His majesty and after 4 or 5 days Yogendra become mentally ill. He became mad and always remained naked. He was the only son of respectable Zamindaar. He used to tear away the clothes of his mother and wanted to misbehave with her sexually. His father was very worried and took him too many Maulvis and spell charmers. He prayed to God for forgiveness and distributed alms but nothing worked. One day Yogendra Pal tried to molest his mother but the neighbours saved her and enchained him. His father becomes so angry and exhausted that he wanted to kill him. Then somebody told him to contact a Maulana who used to come to a Madarsa in Sonipat Idgah. He went in search of Maulana. A shopkeeper told him to contact the Imam of a Mosque at Bawana where Maulana used to go regularly. Soon after destruction of Babri Masjid the Maulana made a speech there and told the Muslims that to some extent Muslims were also responsible for this tragedy. They failed to extent DAWAH to Hindus and did not convey them the teaching of Islam. He used to pray for them and made his mission to extend Dawah to them. Yogendra Pal's father Chaudary Raghubir Singh approached IMAM of Bawana mosque and asked for spell or tawiz for his son. The Imam declined to do so and instead arranged his meeting with Maulana Saheb. He told him that his son was suffering from torment of Allah and its only cure was to embrace ISLAM on appointed time. Choudhry Saheb along with naked and chained Yogendra reached Bawana to meet Maulana. He fell on his feet and told him 'I tried my level best to stop him but this mean fellow under the influence of some mischief makers did this heinous crime. Please forgive him and save my family." Maulana Saheb sternly asked him to get up and narrate to him the full story He said to Choudhry Saheb "Those people who destroyed the sacred house of LORD CREATOR had committed such a heinous crime that the entire world would have been destroyed by ALMIGHTY. This man suffering is nothing for such a ghastly crime. But to some extent we the Muslims are also at fault as we failed to convey the teaching of Islam to the destroyers of the mosque. Actually all citizens of the country should pray and beseech forgiveness from our Lord."  He also asked Choudhry Saheb to do so. The Choudhry again fell on his feet and promised to follow his instruction and requested to cure his son. Maulana Saheb offered prayers and asked people to pray for Yogendra and his father. He offered some snacks to Choudhry Saheb. People coming out of mosque were surprised to see that Yogendra had covered his private Parts by his turban. All of them were surprised but extremely happy. Imam Saheb reminded Choudhry Saheb to accept Islam. He warned him that if he did not so Yogendra Pal could turn mad again. He readily agreed and asked the Maulana to get him converted to Islam. When Choudhry Saheb was going to the mosque Yogendra said that he also wanted to become Muslim and work for reconstruction of Babri Masjid. Both of them performed WUDHU and were named Mohd Usman and Mohd Umar. They went back to their village and soon the news of their conversion spread in the entire region. In a meeting some influential Hindus decided to kill both of them but this plan was leaked to the Imam of the local Mosque. They were sent to Phulat and from there they went for 40 days with a group of Tablighi Jamaat. Mohd Umar (Yogendra) performed three CHILLAS. His mother also embraced Islam and he was married in a good Muslim family of Delhi. Now they are settled in Delhi and running a factory. Q: Very Well. Master Saheb Yogendras' story of coming to Islam is quite strange and interesting. Now please tell your own story. A: Bhai actually that was first part of my story. On 9th March 1993 my father died. He was grief stricken at destruction of Babri Masjid with my participation in its destruction. He showed his anguish and despairs to my mother and wished to be reborn among Muslims to bear such tyranny. He had strictly forbidden my presence at his funeral and asked to be buried like Muslims. My mother acted on his will and informed me after 8 days of his death. This made me very sad and heartbroken. I began to realize that destruction of mosque was an act of tyranny. Whenever I went to my mother she used to weep and hold me responsible for the death of my noble father and condemned me. Then I stopped going home. In June Mohd Umar returned from Jamaat tour and told me his whole story. I was already afraid of divine curse or torment and his story made me more worried and alarmed. Mohammad Umar suggested to me to meet Maulana Saheb at Sonipat. I met Maulana Saheb. who welcomed me warmly. He said to me "The Lord of Lords can punish you with same treatment as He did with wrong doer Yogendra. Be sure if you do not get any punishment in this life you are doomed to horrible torment in the next world." After pondering over an hour I decided to come to Islamic fold to escape from divine punishment. I requested Maulana to take me with him. We went to Haryana, Delhi and Khurja and then reached Phulat. On 25th June 1993 I recited Kalma after Zuhar Prayers. Maulana named me Mohammad Amir and asked me to stay for some time at Phulat to learn Islamic literature and know about prayers and other rites. A house was arranged for me and after three months my wife also embraced Islam. 
Q: What happened to your mother? 
A: She was overjoyed to hear it and said that soul of my dead father would be happy. She also became Muslim after some time. 
Q: What are you doing now? 
A: I am running a Junior High School with English medium and teaching Islamic subjects. 
Q: My father told me that you are also associated with the rehabilitation of deserted mosques in Punjab and Haryana. 
A: Yes, I along with Mohammad Umar pledged to rehabilitate deserted mosques and build new mosques to compensate for our ghastly act of destruction of Babri Mosque. We have decided to cooperate with each other. I would rehabilitate at least 100 deserted mosques and Mohammad Umar would construct 100 new mosques during our life time. Up to July 2009, 67 deserted mosques have been rehabilitated and 37 new mosques have been constructed. Our target is to rehabilitate one deserted mosque and build one new mosque on 6th Dec. every year which is the anniversary of destruction of Babri Masjid. This programme is picking up very well and Umar Bhai is leading. Q: What about other members of family? A: My family consists of my mother and an elder brother who lost his wife four years ago. He had four children including a disabled boy. His wife was a nice and caring lady. Her death was a great shock to my brother. My wife looked after the children very well like a mother. My brother was very grateful to her. I suggested to him to embrace Islam. He was not happy with me because I had displeased and hurt my father very much. Then I talked to my wife like this, "See our children are grown up now. You are looking after my brother's children very well. He is heartbroken and leading a miserable life. If he accepts Islam and you agree to marry him, then I will divorce you and after Iddat you become his wife. Allah will bless this relationship." First my wife flared up and did not agree to my proposal. But after discussion and persuasion she consented. Then I started negotiations with my brother. Initially he did not like this proposal and said people would not approve it and it would lead to infamy of whole family. But I argued that the proposal is logically sound and ISLAM permits this relationship. Finally he agreed to become Muslim and married my wife after completion of the Iddat period. Now he is living a happy life along with his and my children. 
Q: Are you still single? 
A: No. On Maulana Saheb's advice I married an aged convert Muslim woman and we are happy too. 
Q: Do you want to leave some message for readers of ARMUGHAN? 
A: I request every Muslim to realize his aim of life i.e. preaching of Islam to other human beings and not encourage the sentiments of revenge or retaliation. Ahmed Bhai, my personal experience has told me that destruction of Babri Masjid could never have occurred if members of Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Hindu masses knew something about Islam, Quran, mosques and Muslims. I am convinced that had Bal Thakre, Vinay Katihar Uma Bharati, Ashok Singhal and like-minded persons possessed some basic information about these things then they could have never committed this shameful act. 99% of Hindus are now like my father and they believe in humanity and respect Islam. My father died as a non Muslim because nobody extended Dawah to him. I repent on infidelity of my father who did not get any preaching and pass sleepless nights in anguish. I had to take sleeping pills. AHMED: Thanks so much. You are living like a true Muslim, and your life is an open sign to prove the truth of Islam.


[I request every faithful Muslim to realize that he is follower of a Prophet who is known as RAHMATULLILALAMIN. He is a messenger of peace and he must protect people from misery and mischief and try to spread waves of faith and peace everywhere]
Q: Alsalam Alaikum 
A: Walaikul Salam 
Q: I have called you from Sonipat to meet my father and give an interview about your conversion which will be published in monthly ARMUGHAN's series. 
A: Yes Hazrat has told me about it sometimes back 
Q: Are you quite well? Please introduce yourself. 
A: My full name is Ram Veer and I am son of Ajab Singh, resident of village Kakra district Muzzafar Nagar. We were seven brothers and sisters but two have died. I passed my high school examination from Rashtraya Inter College Shahpur. My father is a gentle and hardworking farmer and belongs to a Hindu Jat religious family. 
Q: Please tell us about your coming to Islamic fold. 
A: It was just by chance because I did not have any intention of becoming a Muslim. Actually I was leading a spoiled life after leaving my studies and divorcing my wife. I always roamed in jungles, teased people and grew a drug addict. I joined a band of robbers and used to rob cattle suppliers and travelers. My family members and mohalla residents were fed up with me. The family people asked me to leave the house. But I refused to do so and decided to take up farming with the help of a tube well. I got the old tube well owned by my Ansari neighbour repaired and put it in operation by borrowing motor and fan and getting an unauthorized electric connection. But despite my best efforts and employing tractor the tube well did not supply water. I approached a pundit who asked me to make some offerings on tube well to please the gods. I had nothing with me to offer. I thought that gods would be pleased by offering Bhang. I offered crushed Bhang to the tube well but could not get any water. One night my neighbour Ansari the owner of tube well was lying with me near the tube well. He said "If water comes in tube well I shall offer two rakats of prayer". Hearing this I said 'Then I will offer 4 rakats of prayer". On that night electric current came at 12:45pm. I asked my neighbour, Yasin Ansari to join the connection. But Ansari asked me to do so because he was afraid of touching electricity. As soon as I put the connection on, water gushed from the tube well at high speed. Though clay was completely dry, very soon the velocity of water made a 1½ meter deep pit on the road. In the morning the residents of the locality saw the tube well working. They asked me to get an authorized light connection before using it. After closing the tube well Yaseen Ansari told me to fulfill the promise to offer prayers. He warned me that in case of default the tube well would go out of order again. I agreed and followed him towards the village mosque. Ansari made wudhu at the tube well and asked me to become Muslim first and promised to get me an authorized electric connection. I told him that Muslims did not like me and they would not tolerate me. Ansari Saheb replied that after your Islam this would not happens and even if Muslims did not accommodate you here, Allah would admit you in paradise. Then I asked him to take me to a Madarsa at Harsauli. There I met Maulvi Anis Saheb who told me to go to Muzaffar Nagar or to Phulat and see Maulana Kaleem Saheb. I went to home and after informing my mother and taking some money reached Phulat. There I met Maulana Saheb and told my plight. He asked me to recite Kalma and lead a peaceful life. He took promise from me to abandon drugs and to leave all bad habits. He said to me "You belong to brave clan of Chaudhris and you will certainly honour your pledge". I promised Maulana to lead life free of alcohol and other vices. People told me a number of cases where addicts and criminals changed themselves altogether after acting upon the advice of Maulana Saheb I went with a Jamaat for 40 days. When I returned Maulana Saheb asked my future programme and suggested me to teach children at Sonipat. After one year I was married to a religious educated Muslim lady of Sakauti. I was very happy to see change in myself and thanked Maulana Saheb for reforming me. My mother also came and was very happy to see my wife. My wife served my parents well. My father told the Maulana Saheb that panchayat of my village declared me an outcaste or Adharmi and asked my father to take stern action against me. But my father refused bluntly and told them that conversion was not a crime and that I as a free citizen could choose any faith. He further warned then that in case of further pressure and show of displeasure he would also become a Muslim and leave the village. He also threatened to report the matter to high police officials. Now I am well settled in Sonipat and along with my wife am teaching children. Women and residents of my mohalla and Madarsa love and respect me for my religious zeal and good way of life. This is all due to blessings of Allah. Q: Did you come across with some difficulty after embracing Islam? A: Ahmed Bhai, at the time of recitation of Kalma Maulana Saheb explained to me that Islam was a religion of peace and it expects every Muslim to work for peace and tranquility. In reply to my queries about terrorism and other conflicts and disputes hovering over the world the Maulana Saheb convinced me that false propaganda was made against Muslims and Islam. But Islam is still flourishing because Allah does not like breach of peace and conflicts. He told me that aggressive American soldiers who committed a number of atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries are embracing ISLAM. I personally feel the advantages of my Conversion. Now, people love and trust me and seek my counsel. I have not come across with any problem and an enjoying the blessings of Allah in my life. 
Q: Have you extended Dawah of Islam to your parents? 
A: My mother is inclined towards Islam but due to family pressure she has not declared it openly. One of my brothers and a nephew has become Muslim. I hope a number of my friends would soon embrace Islam. I pray for the guidance and IMAN of all relatives. Q: Do you want to give some message through ARMUGHAN? A: I want to say that Islam stands for peace. All Muslims should offer prayers and extend Dawah to non Muslims. For world peace, establishment and expansion of Islam it is essential. It is unfortunate that Muslims are being harassed through false cases. A Muslim can never be terrorist or a tyrant. We should devote ourselves to Tabligh. Was-Salam.     Thanks



By Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[Non Muslims mostly come across with Muslims who do not follow Quranic practices. It may be a bitter truth that most Muslims do not perform their duty of extending Dawah to non Muslims. They should at least not act as a barrier between Islam taught by Quran and modern world.]
Q: Dr. Saeed Saheb Al-Salam Alaikum 
A: Waulakul Salam 
Q: Dr. Saheb when you did arrive from Muscat? 
A: On 3rd Nov. I came from Muscat on the termination of my first agreement: They wanted me to continue there but I had settled with people of Fiji and thereafter I came here. 
Q: My father had told us about your conversion about six months ago. Since now you are with us I want to take your interview as per his commands. 
A: Surely I am ready to answer your questions 
Q: Your interview will be published in the monthly religious magazine of ARMUGHAN and it will inspire the workers of Dawah and enhance the utility and status of Islam. A: It will certainly be a matter of pride for me 
Q: Please introduce you yourself.
The truth is that nobody invited me to Islam. Actually this true religion attracts me by itself. I think it was divine guidance which called my attention towards a group of ten or twenty coolies at a platform thought that there was a rally and I accompanied them to lead their agitation. I saw that at a particular place they picked up sprouted jugs and started making wudhu. I was surprised at it and wanted to see their further action. After cleaning their teeth and washing their faces, hands and feet they assembled in an enclosure tied by ropes and stood in straight rows there. One of them called Allah-O-Akbar and all of them joined him. Then I understood that they were offering prayers. I continued to look at them and wondered to see their devotion and discipline.
A: I was born in a renowned Malhorta family on 7th November 1954. Sargodha (Pakistan) was our native town but in 1947 our family had to migrate from Pakistan. The bitter experiences of migration made our family bigot and since then many members of our family are active members of R.S.S. and BJP. One of my cousins is an important leader of BJP. Our house is in Karol Bagh, Delhi. After getting early education at local college I took M.Sc. degree from St. Stephens College and then was selected by Oxford University for P.H.D. My father was in teaching line and I also loved it. Therefore I got a service there and completed Doctorate in Education. But due to illness of parents and some domestic problems I had to come back to India against my wishes. For two years I had to run to various hospitals for treatment of my parents but I could not beat death. On 13th Oct. 1989 my father passed away and after nine days my mother also followed him. In modern society, old parents are regarded as unwanted burden and in India most of them suffer more than in Europe. But I loved my parents and served them with great devotion. I was so shocked by their death that I thought to take SANYAS and visited various Ashrams at Haridwar and Rishikesh in search of peace and contentment. But I realized that all these places religion is used as a business deal. Then I thought to take up social service because religion totally disappointed me. I came to Delhi. One day I attended a Seminar on 'Educated backwardness of Indian Society and its solution' organized by Ministry of Human resources. There I was introduced to the Chief Guest Swami Kalyan Dev and his educational trust. I met Swamiji next morning at the residence of a minister in Pandora Park. After a meeting of 2 hours with Swamiji, I decided to join his trust. I was impressed by his personal life, attachment to principles and concern for educational reforms. But the internal dirty politics of his workers made me disgusted. Further, whenever I discussed God and religion with Swamiji I found his replies and attitude appeared quite shallow and unconvincing. Then I could not see eye to eye with a responsible functionary of the trust and in order to avoid confrontation I left the trust. In 1998 I got attached to Delhi Public School and after working as a principal of its branch, was elevated to the post of advisor. In the meanwhile by grace of Allah I got the opportunity of becoming Muslim. Then your father advised me to go to some gulf country and I got a 3 years assignment in Muscat. I have completed my tenure gracefully and next week I am again going out of India. 
Q:  Now tell us how you accepted Islam and who influenced you to do so. 
A: The truth is that nobody invited to me to Islam. Actually this true religion attracted me by itself. For opening a branch of Delhi Public School I went to Ahmedabad. After a week's stay there I returned by Ahmedabad Mail. It reached Delhi 7 hours late at about 1:30pm. I got down from the train and saw group of coolies going towards a particular side. I always took keen interest in the rights and affairs of poor and labour classes. I thought that they were going to take part in some agitation. I think it was divine guidance which called my attention towards it as it was a common sight to find ten or twenty coolies at a platform to attend a train. However, I accompanied them to lead their agitation. I saw that at a particular place they picked up sprouted jugs and started making wudhu. I was surprised at this and wanted to see their further action. After cleaning their teeth and washing their faces, hands and feet they assembled in an enclosure tied by ropes and stood in straight rows. One of them called Allah-O-Akbar and all of them joined him. Then I understood that they were offering prayers. I continued to look at them and wondered to see their devotion and discipline. I decided to read some literature of their religion and visited Kutub Khana Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu in Urdu Bazaar. I purchased translation of Maulana Manzoor Nomanis books "what Islam is" and Syed Suleman Nadvis book, “Prophet Mohammad the Ideal” (English version of his lectures given in Madras) The Study of these books bought me closer to ISLAM and reduced my family's bigotry. Then I thought to read original books of Islam. I purchased English and Hindi translations of Holy Quran and began to read it. This study kindled realization in my heart that by nature I was born a Muslim. The account of paradise and hell prompted me to take a quick decision about change of faith and acceptance of Islam. I tried to approach the Imam of Jama Masjid but got very indifferent response. Then I went to the office of Jamaat-e-Islami but they doubted my intentions especially when they came to know about my relationship to a BJP minister. Within 6 months I contacted about fifty persons but nobody helped me to embrace Islam. This period was very tough for me and I was afraid of my death before me coming to the fold of Islam. I wept bitterly and prayed to my Lord for His help. In the meantime my elder sister died and I had to attend her last rites. I saw her burning and I felt that she too along with my parents needed Dawah and were condemned because of its non availability. I thought that due to age factor I was also going to die like them. That whole night I spent weeping and crying and was afraid of dying as an infidel. In the morning I again went for consultation to Kutab Khana Urdu Bazaar. They advised me to go to Phulat and meet Maulana Kaleem. Immediately I left by car and reached Phulat. Maulana Saheb was about to leave on a voyage. In rather a harsh tone I asked the Maulana if he could assist me in becoming a Muslim. He immediately got me seated and taught me the Kalma. He gave me the name of Saeed Ahmad and embraced me after congratulations. Then he asked me to introduce myself and tell him the reason that led me towards Islam. I introduced myself and said that Islam by itself had invited me. Maulana Saheb felt amused and said; "Dr. Saheb you are a scientist and have embraced Islam after realizing its truth. You decided to accept it when your heart rejected age old idolatry and polytheism and was convinced to follow true faith and worship Allah. It means that actually six months ago you had embraced Islam and this recitation of Kalam today is just only for your satisfaction and affirmation of your IMAN" These words of Maulana consoled me and I laughed at my folly of getting irritated. He entertained me with sumptuous snacks and urged me to preach Quranic Islam which is very much needed by pitiable and miserable humanity. He expressed his sorrow on the lethargic and formal attitude of general Muslim masses towards Dawah and hoped that I would take it up warmly. I returned to my home happily. Maulvi Ahmad Saheb you happen to be son of my benefactor, I could not tell you the degree of my joy and excitement of that trip to Phulat. I thought that after long I have won the love and trust of my Lord Creator. At Delhi I told all this to my wife who made it public. It caused great turmoil in the whole family. My elder brother (then a minister) gave big temptations to me including the offer of ministership if I agree to renounce Islam. When I refused he became furious and threatened me with dire consequences. Despite my clear cut denial he continued to press me to return to Hinduism. I escaped from there with great difficulty. Then I apprised Maulana Saheb about these developments and sought his advice. He advised me to go abroad, England or some Gulf country. I applied for a job over net and within a month went to Muscat on an assignment. I am thankful to my ALLAH for this favour. Q: What happened to your promise of extending Dawah of Quranic ISLAM? A: During my 3 year stay in Muscat I devoted my time and energies for the cause of Dawah among Arab youth. The French principal of my college at Muscat embraced Islam and he established an Islamic institution at Paris. Six teachers and three workers of our college along with their families became Muslims.  Three of them were Indians, three hailed from USA and three belonged to London. I am very happy that they are truly Quranic Muslims. In my college a congenial atmosphere for Dawah and Tabligh was created and in weekly discourses my talks were heard with great applause. By grace of Allah large numbers of my students have decided to take up Dawah work as their life time career. Many of them are working in U.K. Italy, Japan and some Western Countries. I also studied Quran again and again and developed good command over Urdu. 
Q: What will be your programme in Fiji? 
A: I have decided to undertake Dawah work in Fiji as desired by Maulana who is worried for carrying out this work in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. He is hopeful for success because some people have already started this work there. Maulana Saheb believes that as a reaction to Americans tyranny and unjust policies and inhuman actions, various Jihadist outfits with wrong interpretation of Islam have come into existence and they are adversely affecting the benevolent nature of Islam and need to be checked. Such wrong action do not allow expansion of ISLAM, I am trying to fulfill Maulanas desires. May ALLAH give me success. 
Q: Do you want to give some message through ARMUGHAN? 
A: My whole life is a message and lesson for Muslims. I request all Muslims not to come between Quranic Islam and ignorant persons and work sincerely for Dawah 
Q: You are right, but you should not be pessimistic because persons who helped you and many others to embrace ISLAM are true Muslims. They are doing good work. 
A: Yes. But I am referring to those Muslims who come in daily contacts with non-Muslims and their actions and way of life act as deterrent for non Muslim to embrace Quranic ISLAM. Thanks.



By Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

{Our country is a secular country. Its constitution has given every citizen a fundamental right to profess and preach any religion of his choice. In view of this constitutional guarantee we are not afraid of anyone in the path of preaching. Actually we desist from breaking or bypassing any law of the land and always abide by fair play and justice.}
Q: ALSALAM ALAIKUM, Dr. Saheb it is good that you are with us. My father often remembers you and cites your example before others. Since extending of DAWAH OF ISLAM to our fellow brothers is our constitutional right, you deserve special mention and praise for your good work. A: I came to Delhi for some official work. I tried to contact him at Phulat and when I was informed of his presence in Delhi I met him there before Ramzan. I attended one of his programmes and was benefitted by his lectures. 
Q: Huzefa Saheb, as you knows a religious cum academic magazine ARMUGHAN is being published at Phulat. I want your interview for it so that it may encourage workers engaged in Dawah. 
A: Yes, I know ARMUGHAN very well. I have asked Maulana Saheb to print its Hindi edition and promised to enroll at least five hundred subscribers. I am happy to learn that Hindi edition would be published shortly. 
Q: It will be published shortly as Maulana Saheb and many people are insisting for it. Now please introduce yourself. 
A: I was born on 13th August 1957, in A Zamindaar family in a village in district Basti of eastern Uttar Pradesh. My uncle was a Deputy Superintendent of Police in U.P. At his instance I also joined U.P Police and worked as inspector in 55 Thanas of the state. I passed B.Com and M.A. Exams during service and was promoted as C.O. In 1997 I went for training and then took Ph.D. in Criminology. On account of good performance I was promoted to the post of D.S.P. and then posted in C.I.D. at Muzaffar Nagar. My younger brother is an engineer and my sister is married with a lecturer. These days I am officer in Charge C.I.D. in Eastern U.P. My Family consists of educated people. 
Q: Please tell us about your embracing ISLAM 
A: My family despite being fairly educated has been notorious for being anti Muslim and bigot. One of the reasons is that about 100 years ago a branch of our family was converted to Islam and settled in Fathepur, Hanswa and Pratapgarh. They were devoted Muslims. Then about 30 years ago, 8 Dalit families of our native place, after being fed up with tyranny and injustice of high caste Hindu Zamidars embraced ISLAM. Due to these two instances our family became enemy of Muslims and their sentiments flared up further during the destruction of Babri Masjid and communal riots. Some Young men of our family setup a branch of Bajrang Dal in our village; thus the whole atmosphere was filled with anti Islam and anti Muslim feelings of the highest order before my eyes. But the Compassionate and Omnipotent displayed His might in a peculiar manner. A family consisting of 9 members in Pilkhuwa district, GHAZIABAD embraced Islam at PHULAT at the instance of Maulana Kaleem Saheb. There were two couples with four daughters and three sons. All of them recited Kalma and Maulana Saheb gave them new Islamic names and issued a certificate containing their affidavits, names and date of conversion. He told that this legal formality was necessary and sent a copy of this certificate to the district Magistrate Ghaziabad and also issued a press release for newspapers. Those people readily completed all these formalities. Children were admitted in a Madarsa and girls went to attend ladies meetings of IJTIMA. The Muslim women celebrated it by distribution of sweets. This news reached their non Muslim daughter in law who informed his parents and village people. The whole area became tense and local Hindu organizations came into action. News was published in Dainik Jagiran and Amarujala with a highly inflammatory heading "Conversion of Hindu family by temptation at Phulat Madarsa. Waves of anger among Hindu population", the incident was telecast at many channels and the whole area became tense. At that time I was posted at Muzaffar Nagar. I was also enraged to hear it and reached Phulat along with two sub-inspectors. Maulana Saheb was away and the local people showed their ignorance about his where about. However, they asked me to meet the Maulana for getting the truth. I left my phone number and asked them to inform me about Maulana's arrival. On the third day Maulana came to Phulat and we went there to meet him. The Maulana welcomed us and entertained us by offering tea and snacks. Then he said 'I am happy that you have come to verify the facts. Very wrong propaganda is made against Madarsas and Maulvis. False accusations are made against them. I always ask my colleagues and Madarsas in-charge to take police and Hindu organization in their confidence and invite them to spend some time with them and remove their misunderstandings". Then he asked the purpose of my visit. The confident and cool way of talks of Maulana cooled down my temper. I showed the newspapers heading to Maulana Saheb and asked for his reaction and comments. He said 'I have read the news. The fact is that on that particular day I was going on a trip and was about to board my car. a jeep came and the occupants expressed their desire to embrace ISLAM. I got down and after taking to them I taught them to recite Kalma gave them their new names along with a certificate of their acceptance of Islam. I told them to send this information along with an affidavit to the District Magistrate Ghaziabad and also to give a statement in the papers about their embracing Islam as required by law. You know ours is a secular country and our constitution has given us a fundamental right to profess and practice any religion of our choice. It also permits us to preach or invite others to come to our fold. We do not do any unlawful act and do not use any temptation or force on those who want to become Muslims because I am of the view that it is quite wrong illegal way. Change of faith is a matter of one's free will and cannot be done under duress or to please anyone. The second important point I want to make is that we are Muslims. We worship Allah who is creator of whole universe and believe and respect Him. His last messenger Prophet Muhammad always spoke truth and taught us lessons of brotherhood, humanity and love. Probably Hinduism also believes in these principles." I endorsed his views. Then he continued to assert equality and fraternity of all human beings and stated that members of every faith should invite others to join their faith provided they themselves regarded it vital for their salvation. He said "I as a Muslim believe that Islam is the only perfect religion. If you depart from this world without accepting it you would have to suffer torments of Hell fire. So you should not bother about those residents of Pilkuwa and look towards yourself. I request all three of you to turn Muslim and as stated by me worship true Lord and love His apostle." I was surprised as well as felt attracted towards the affectionate words of Maulana Saheb. I had gone there to conduct enquiry against him and his Madarsa. But I was infatuated to hear his fascinating speech based on truth. It touched my conscience and I told Maulana that I wanted some time to think over what he has said to me. Maulana Saheb urged me to take a quick decision. He again stated 'If you think that Hindu religion would bring solace and Mukti to me, you should preach your Dharma to me. Otherwise please accept my proposal and become a Muslim". I was impressed by the self confidence shown by Maulana and realized that our Hindu Dharam was nothing but a jumble of some mythological legends and secondary customs and rites which had no foundation. How could I peach it to Maulana Saheb? My conscience said to me 'Ram Kumar, truth lies in ISLAM.' In the meantime, Maulana Saheb continued to urge us to become Muslims and recite Kalma. It appeared that an affectionate well wisher was trying to save us from disaster or destruction. We assured Maulana Saheb that we would consider his proposal and requested him to give us some literature to read. He gave us a book written by him entitled 'Aap Ki Amanat Aap Ke Seva Men" and asked us to recite YA HADI, YA RAHEEM with devotion and make prayer for getting right direction. I requested him to send contradiction of the news in papers in order to lessen the tension in the area. Maulana Saheb replied 'I have made them to recite Kalma as per their legal and religious rights. You should expose the falsehood and control the situation". While returning from Phulat my both sub-inspectors praised the truthfulness and clarity of Maulana and his courage. 
Q: But you did not recite the Kalma. 
A: I went through his book and was very much impressed by the truthful tone and nature of the book and I wanted to meet Maulana again. I got a copy of Hindi Quran and on phone asked Maulana's permission to read it. He advised to me to read it only after taking bath and follow it for at least two weeks and pray to God to help me understand it. I completed the whole Quran in two weeks and then went to Phulat and recited Kalma before Maulana Saheb. He changed my name from Ram Kumar to Huzaifa (name of a companion of Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. who was sent by him on secret missions.) 
Q: Then what did you study more? 
A: As advised by Maulana I went with a Jamaat for 40 days on DAWAH work. He had told me not to tell anybody about my conversion. I spent good time in Jamaat. People helped me in learning Namaz and Quran. I benefitted after returning from Jamaat. I was transferred to Allahabad. There I told everything to my wife. She being a simple and obedient lady did not oppose my decision and promised to live with me in all situations. I gave her books on Islam and tempted her to become a Muslim so that Allah may bless her with a child. She always remained grief stricken because after 10 years of marriage we had no child. She agreed to become a Muslim. I took her to a Madarsa where she recited Kalma and then both of us prayed to Allah for a child. Next year i.e after eleven years of marriage a son was born to us and after three years we were blessed by a daughter also. 
Q: Did you face any difficulty in your service after becoming a Muslim? 
A: I announced my conversion at Allahabad and completed its legal formalities through a lawyer. Before that I applied for getting its permission to my department through Mr. Diwedi who was my immediate boss. He sternly asked me to reverse my decision otherwise he threatened to suspend me. But I remained firm and did not change my decision. Accordingly, he got me suspended. I went to Bangalore and Madras with a Jamaat and spent my time nicely. I saw Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. thrice in my dreams and was overjoyed. On return I met a Muslim officer who was holding an important post. He had visited Phulat and knew Maulana Saheb. He took up my case and got me reinstated. 
Q: What happened to your two sub-inspectors? 
A: One of them embraced Islam and had to face a number of domestic difficulties. Her wife left him but he remained firm and Allah solved his other problems. The second sub inspector is eventually prepared to join Islamic fold but is hesitating after seeing the plight of his comrade. 
Q: Are you canvassing among your family? 
A: Yes but it would take time. Now I have to go and catch a train. 
Q: Will you leave some brief message for ARMUGHAN? A: ISLAM is the biggest truth and its followers should not hesitate in following or spreading it. As stated by our Maulana Saheb, it is a light which would always dominate and over power all other false religions full of darkness. When a person like me could get guidance, am sure all others can be blessed. Thanks, more in my next visit.



By Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

[My only request to Muslim brothers is to sympathize with grief stricken people like us who got divine guidance but their parents are burning in hell fire. They should realize this tragedy and attend to the responsibility given to them by Prophet Muhammad.]
Q: Abdul Rahman Saheb Alsalam Alaikum. I was eager to meet you since long when you wrote a letter to late Maulana Ali Mian Saheb which was published in ARMUGHAN. You have come here on the right time because your interview would be quite useful for ARMUGHAN which regularly publishes interviews of fortunate Muslim converts. I wanted your interview for the September issue. 
A: It is a good step indeed. I have to consult Maulana Kaleem Saheb on a number of issues. In Hyderabad, many of my friends mention you and ARMUGHAN off and on. There, various papers interviews of ARMUGHAN are published and are being appreciated and are giving great fill up to the cause of Dawah. From Warangal many people are planning to visit Phulat and meet you. All of us are very pleased that you too have joined Hazrat's mission. 
Q: Thanks for your complements Janab Abdul Rahman Saheb. Please introduce yourself. 
A: Years ago on 13th August 1954 I was born in the house of a reputed businessman of Warangal and was named Anil Rao. I joined school there and after getting degrees of B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics, registered for P.H.D. 
Q: With such high qualifications how and why did you go to Hardwar and Rishikesh? 
A: My father wanted me to marry in a good household but I was reluctant to be tied in such bondage. When my father exerted more pressure on me I ran away to Haridwar. I wanted to lead a life of Brahma Chariya. I belonged to an Arya Samaji family. I stayed in six ashrams of Hardwar but could not adjust myself in any of them. I developed a friendship with an engineer hailing from Vijayawada who was working at BHEL Company. He suggested to me to go to Shanti Kunj in Rishikesh or some other peaceful ashram. I went to Rishikesh. After a long search I selected Satya Prakash Ashram of Sri Nitya Nand Maharaj for my dwelling. Swamiji was a well educated man and had worked as a professor of Sansikrit at Allahabad University after doing his P.H.D. I studied there for six years as a Brahamachari. Then for testing purposes, Swamiji asked me to conduct 24 yogyas before conferring the degree of Shastri on me. This was a very tough time for me but I stood firm because I had gone there to get solace and closeness to my Lord. After seven years my father and brother traced me out at a Rishikesh Ashram and they pleaded me for about a week to return to Warangal with them. I was afraid and unwilling to go back to the material world without getting peace of mind and salvation. Hence I insisted upon them to leave me there and fulfill my mission. They agreed to it provided I lived there as a paying guest and did not live on any charity or Daan. They deposited enough money in Ashram for my expenses. 
Q: How were you attracted towards Islam after spending so much time in an Ashram and getting training from Swamiji? Please tell us about your acceptance of Islam. 
A: My Lord, in whose search I left Warangal, paved the way for it out of His affection for me. As you know Arya Samaj is a reformed version of Hindu religion. It claims to believe in Unity of God and rejects idol worship and mythological tales. Its main text book is Satyarath Praksh written by Swami Daya Nand Sarswati. Its founder Swami Vikenand was very much influenced by Islam and its teachings. In order to prevent conversion of Hindus to Islam he tried to rationalize the Hindu religion and formed Arya Samaj. He claimed that Arya Samaj is cent per cent true Vedic religion based on scientific and logical arguments. But I came across a number of doubts and irrationalities when I thoroughly studied Arya Samaji literature. Despite undergoing thirteen years of tough life of Tapasiya and strenuous exercises, I could not attain content or any change in me. Whenever I discussed my doubts with Swami Nityanand, he appeared confused and grew irritated. Year 1992 was very tough and inconvenient for me because after passing thirteen years in Sanyas and getting a degree of Shastri, I found myself disturbed and below the level of humanity. Wild and astray thoughts and apprehensions forced me to spend sleepless nights. Sometimes I thought that I had chosen a wrong path to reach God and I should try some other means to find my goal. Sometimes I felt that my inner self or soul was infested with pollution which turned me astray. During nights I wept, cried and prayed to My Lord to help and guide me to Truth and Himself. I submitted to Him that I had left my home and world only to get close to Him and was dying for His attention. Then a severe earth quake stormed Uttar Kashi, Haridwar and Rishekesh. I was frightened very much and was afraid of my violent death. On 17th December 1992, Swamiji called me and asked me to go to Rai village in Sonipat district. There was a big Arya Samaj Ashram which was celebrating its 50th year anniversary with great pomp and show. They invited Swamiji to preside over the function. But as he was not feeling well, he requested me to go Rai village to preside over the function and hold Yagya. I happily came to my room to make necessary preparations for the trip. But when I went to sleep then my conscience questioned me if I had left my house to get this type of popularity and that if it was according to my mission. I could not sleep and started weeping and crying for getting divine guidance or light to find the straight path. I went to sleep in this condition. I saw a dream that I was sitting before a handsome Maulana in a mosque. He was clad in a white Shirt and Lungi and a number of people were respectfully looking at him. Somebody informed me that he was Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). I said "The same Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) who is Prophet of Muslims." Then Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) spoke himself "No, I am not Prophet of Muslims alone. I am your Prophet also." He caught my hand, embraced me affectionately and asked me to sit before him. He further said who so ever searches and endeavors, gets his objective. "Today is a day of rejoicing for you. Value it." I woke up with great joy and contentment. My colleagues congratulated me and attributed this joy to the trust and honour shown to me by Swamiji to send me to Arya Samaj function. They were not aware of the real reason. In the morning I went to Saharanpur by bus and went to a mosque near the bus stand. I told the people that I had come to visit my Lord. There I searched for people who I saw in the dream but the mosque was quite empty. Then I got in a Haryana roadways bus going to Sonipat. On a front seat your father (Maulana Kaleem) was sitting. He asked me to sit on the vacant adjacent seat. He asked my destination and purpose of trip. When I told him about Arya Samaji Ashram's function he became happy. Then he said to me "Look Panditji I am interested in the study of every religion and I am actually in search of an Arya Samaji guru. I have read SATYARATH PRAKASH many times but I could not follow or understand certain points. If you allow me I will like to put some questions to you to remove my doubts." Then he put many questions to me and I replied. Ahmed Bhai it looked as if Anil Rao (myself) was putting these questions to Swami Nityanand who was not able to satisfy him. These questions were actually the same which pricked my heart. After three or four questions I surrendered before Maulana and told him that my guru could not satisfy me on these points. After keeping quiet for a while the Maulana said "Though I do not know much about Islam yet I want to tell you something about it, you can ask any questions you like and I would not feel offended." I knew nothing about Islam except what I had read in Satyarath Prakash and that too did not appeal to my heart. I requested the Maulana to tell me about Islam and more especially about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and said that it would be a special favour to me. The Maulana said to me "A great misunderstanding prevalent about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is that he is represented as a Prophet and messenger of Allah for Muslims only. This is not true. Allah in Qur'an has stressed repeatedly that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is sent for entire humanity and he is the last apostle of Allah for universal guidance. Therefore he is your Prophet also." This made me recollect my last night's dream and I thought that the Maulana must have been present in that assembly. Then the Maulana told me the life story and achievements of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in a very eloquent style. Our talks remained inconclusive till Garh Mukhteshwar where we had to change a bus for Sonipat. There at the insistence of Maulana, we went to a shop owned by Maulana's friend and continued our talks there. I remembered the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in my dream and asked the Maulana how one can be converted to Islam. The Maulana told me "Islam is a true and perfect religion. It teaches to believe in one God "Allah" and lead a life to please Allah and His messenger. For this he has to recite Kalma". Then I asked him to teach me the Kalma which I recited. The Maulana Saheb translated it into Hindi for me. I could not explain the ecstasy and feeling of delight and joy which my heart felt after getting this guidance. Even now I remember it with pleasure. 
Q:      There was special favour granted to you by Allah as you were an ardent seeker of truth. Then what happened to Ashram's programme. 
A:      Then Maulana congratulated and embraced me. He had to go to the village of Bhura Rasulpur where some Muslims families were forcibly converted to Hinduism during the riots of 1947. I asked the Maulana to take me with him because I did not want to go to Ashram's programme under these changed circumstances. The Maulana was extremely glad to hear it. Clad in saffron clothes and with a tilak on my forehead, I reached Bhura Rasulpur. The Maulana told me that Muslims of the village accepted Hinduism for fear of their lives and were still Hindus except one family of Gujjars. He also told me that they had become staunch fanatics and last year indulged in rioting when the Gujjar Muslim family took a touring Tablighi Jamaat to them. The riot was followed by a case against the Muslim Gujjar who was fined Rs. 20,000/-. We went to a small mosque in the village. The Maulana asked the Imam to bring the residents of the village to the mosque for talks. When they came, with the permission of Maulana, I addressed them and told them my story about the pursuit of truth and guidance. I narrated the accounts of my life in the Ashram, Tapassiya and Yagiyas and finally the soothing preaching of Maulana and my recitation of Kalma amidst tears and sobbing. Then I appealed to them to come back to the true religion which gave me real contentment and happiness. My moving narratives softened their heart and they agreed to set up an Islamic School in the village. The local Pardhan Karan Singh, who was a deadly enemy of Islam, raised funds for the School. The Maulana was very happy and thanked me for getting success among them. 
Q:      Then where did you go afterwards. 
A:      I went to Phulat with Maulana Saheb, changed my clothes and cut my top lock (choti). Then he sent me to Mathura along with a Tablighi Jamaat. I was over whelmed to get the blessings of Islam and sympathized with the Hindus who were destined to burn in Hell fire. I also blamed Muslims for not extending Dawah to them seriously on a large scale. In that mood I wrote to a letter to late Maulana Ali Miyan Saheb. It was published some time back in monthly Armughan. The contents of the letter are reproduced here, "Janab Maulana Ali Miyan Saheb, you will be surprised to get this letter from a new servant (convert to Islam). I am travelling with a Tablighi Jamaat and want to do Dawah work at Haridwar where scores of people like me are trying to get guidance. Please pray for my success. I also want to put a question to you humbly with due apology. Who is responsible for thousands of people going to Hell fire for not getting any Dawah or preaching of Islam? Your's servant Abdul Rehman (Anil Rao Shastri). 
Q:      What did you do after joining Jamaat work? 
A:      I wanted to concentrate on Dawah work in Haridwar - Rishikesh region where a large number of Hindus, Englishmen and Jews were running here and there for getting guidance. But on my return, Maulana Saheb told me to go to Warangal and spend some time with my family members who needed my services. When I reached there I learnt about the death of my parents. I remembered my beloved father and mother with great anguish who always cared for me and did everything to bring me up. I was grief stricken to think that without getting any preaching they entered Hell fire for ever. Ahmed Bhai, I am still suffering with this great shock. They were very pro Muslim, specially my father who employed a Muslim driver and a number of Muslims in his Bidi factory. Sometimes he used to say that he liked Islamic practices and probably in his previous birth he was a Muslim. Ahmed Bhai, I cannot tell you the degree of my anger and anguish that no Muslim neighbour ever cared to preach Islam to them and they had to burn in Hell fire. (Then he started weeping bitterly) 
Q:      May be that Allah had forgiven them or got them converted to Islam through His angels because of their pro Islamic feelings? 
A:      By grace of Allah my elder brother, his wife and two children became Muslims. After the death of my father, the factory was closed. Then after selling the house he setup a new business at Gulbarga and has bought a house there. 
Q:      What happened to your marriage? 
A:      I being a shirker of taking any responsibility was not willing to marry and probably Shariat would have allowed me to do so. But Maulana Saheb spoke highly of this practice (being a Sunnat of the Prophet) and hence I married a virtuous poor girl. I am blessed with a son and daughter and am leading a happy family life. 
Q:      What did you do about working in Haridwar—Rishikesh. 
A:      For some time, I remained insane because of shock of death of my parents. I roamed in jungles, and then my brother traced me and got me cured. About three years ago I went to Rishikesh and met Swamiji at Satya Prakash Ashram. I gave him the some Islamic books including Maulana's book "Aap Ki Amanat Aap Ki Sewa Men". He liked it very much. He was suffering from cancer and was bed ridden. One day he called and said, "I also feel that Islam is the true religion but in the present setup here, it is very difficult for me to accept it publicly". I told him repeatedly to pluck courage and announce his Islam as he could legally do it. But he was too frightened, and then I gave him Hindi translation of "Holy Qur'an" which he read with great respect. In view of his serious illness one day I taught him to recite Kalma and named him Muhammad Usman to escape from clutches of Hell fire. One day before his death he announced his Islam before the inmates of Ashram and told them to bury him instead of putting to fire. However they made a Samadhi for him after death. After his conversion many people at Rishikesh became my enemy and I felt threatened. Then I came to Phulat and informed Maulana Saheb, who consoled me and read to me the verses of "Holy Qur'an", "Those who preach the message of Allah and fear Him are not afraid of anyone else. Allah is Sufficient to look after them." After living at Gulbarga for some time I went to Rishikesh and stayed there. Many residents of Ashram are close to me and inmates of other Ashrams also take part in my lectures. I hope that the Shantikunj climate for Dawah is quite congenial and we will succeed. I intend to live there permanently. May Allah give me strength to do so. 
Q:      Abdul Rehman Saheb thank you very much any message for readers of ARMUGHAN. 
A:      I request my Muslim brothers to realize my feelings of anguish and dismay that to our parents could not join the fold of Islam. Muslims should discharge their obligation of Dawah as desired by our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. 
Q:      You are quite right, May all of us follow your message. 
A:      Ameen! Walaikumasalam



By Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi

[Before embracing Islam I was not at good terms with my mother. But after becoming a Muslim I served her faithfully and she was convinced that this was due to my new faith and she became nice to me. One day I asked her to become a Muslim and she agreed I got her to recite the Kalma and named her Fatima.]
Ahmed Awwah:   Assalamoalaikum wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu, Noor Muhammad Saheb an Urdu Magazine is published from here. I have to talk you on some issues so that it may be published in this magazine for the benefit of others, because Allah has blessed you with His favours. 
Noor Muhammad:  Walekum Assalam wa-rehmatullahi wa-barakatuhu. Ahmed Bhai I am a rustic fellow and certainly Allah has blessed me (then he started weeping) I did not deserve the favour it and I am ready to sacrifice my life and every part of my body to acknowledge this great favour. 
Q:      Please introduce you yourself. 
A:      My old name is Ramphal; I was born in Dadri village in district Meerut, in a Gujjar family. My father was a petty farmer. He died about 25 years ago. I came to the fold of Islam thirteen or fourteen years ago through your father who named me Noor Muhammad after getting my elder brother's my consent who had alrady embraced Islam. 
Q:      So your elder brother had embraced Islam before you, please give details. 
A:      Yes, my elder brother was named Jai Pal. He was a servant of Lala's of Khatauli and worked in their cane crusher factory. He was very kind hearted and religious minded and felt sad for people or even animals in any trouble or pain. He was a sentimental person and praised the beauty of stars and flowers and remembered his Lord. There was a furniture shop near to his factory owned by two persons belonging to Phulat. Maulana Saheb, your father used to come to that shop. My brother also met him and heard his discourses on Islam and liked them. Maulana Saheb did not know that he was Hindu. In August every year a mela of Charhiyan is held at Khatauli. In 1990, during the mela time Maulana was walking on a road when one person Qaseemuddin told him that a Gujjar of Dadri was very impatient to meet him for some urgent purpose. The Maulana went there and called the Gujjar, he was actually my brother. He said "I saw in a dream a golden chariot in which many Maulana's and Scholars were sitting and you were driving it. There was a big palace with eight doors, very well decorated by jewels and lamps. People said that it was a part of Paradise. I also tried to get onto the chariot but you did not allow me, saying that I being a Hindu was not allowed. Then all people went inside the Palace and I remained weeping outside." After saying this, my brother wept and clung to Maulana Saheb saying why he stopped him from entering paradise. Maulana Saheb showed his ignorance of the event of dream and told him that it was not he but Lord Himself who stopped him from entering the paradise. Only those who believed in Him could get admission there. The basic truth is that non Muslims forfeit their claim to heavenly abode which is exclusively meant for believers and people of faith. Maulana Saheb further explained to my brother that the Lord Creator (Allah) is the only master of universe and those who did not follow His commands and laws were not entitled to His favours. He urged my brother to recite Kalma as time of death was not known to anyone and he would have to repent in that case. My brother stated that due to communal tension prevailing in Dadri it was unsafe for him to become a Muslim and people would kill him. The Maulana replied that in that case he would become a martyr and would surely get a place in paradise. My brother put another excuse of being turned out of village because of his conversion and thus becoming homeless. Maulana Saheb invited him to stay his house at Phulat. Then my brother left the place promising to Maulana to come back later on after consulting his family. But he came in the end of November and presented some fruits to the Maulana Saheb. Then he told him that he had arranged for maintenance of his mother and therefore it took so much time in making arrangements for transfer of land and house to his nephew. Then he asked the Maulana to get him converted to Islam. Maulana took him to the nearby mosque and after a bath taught him to recite Kalma and introduced him to a Tablighi Jamaat staying at the mosque. He gave him the name Noor Muhammad. He went with the Jamaat after taking permission from Maulana Saheb to Meerut next day. He did not accept any money and happily went with the group. After 3 or 4 days news came of his sudden death after offering TaHajjud prayers. In all he could offer only 9 Farz prayers and one Tahajjud Nafil prayer, He was buried in Meerut. 
Q:      Yes, my father often told us about this event and his enviable death. Now you narrate your story. 
A:      My change of faith took place because of my brother. We did not know for long about his death. One night my son saw him in his dream clad in a Muslim dress and with a beard. He asked him to take a dozen of bananas to Phulat for Maulana Saheb. Accordingly he took the bananas to Phulat and in the absence of Maulana Saheb handed them to his brother in law. Similarly in another dream he asked him to deliver a gift of 1 kilogram of sweets to the Maulana at Phulat. Maulana Saheb told us that Noor Muhammad Bhai was sending him these presents from paradise out of love. One day a rich and powerful man in my village maltreated poor and weak people of my village and tortured them. It pained me so much and I could not sleep. I complained to my Lord and prayed that he should punish the wrong doers and tyrants. Then I saw in my dream that many people were going towards Phulat. Then all of a sudden I saw may deceased brother, he told that these people were going to Phulat for conversion to Islam and to enter paradise. He urged me to join them and meet the Maulana Saheb so that he would admit me in the fold of Islam. He also informed me that after death he was admitted in paradise and was very happy there. In the morning, I reached the big mosque of Phulat but the Maulana had gone out of station. I met him the next day and narrated to him my dream. He told me that he also saw in his dream my brother Noor Muhammad in good clothes and good condition and he requested him to convert me to Islam. This assured me that my dream was true and agreed to accept Islam. Maulana taught me to recite Kalma and gave me the very name of my brother Noor Muhammad as desired by me. He however told me that change of name was not necessary because only change of heart and faith did matter. Next day I came back to Dadri and told my wife everything, she became very angry and informed the whole family. My uncle was the Pardhan of the village. He called a meeting of the Panchayat where it was proposed to blacken my face and parade me in the whole village on the back of a donkey. Some declared that I should be shot dead because I had abandoned Hinduism and rejected the Dharam. But a retired principal who was also present in the meeting cooled down the tempers and suggested that I should be convinced through arguments that Hindu Dharam was better than Islam. He made a plea that if I persisted to remain a Muslim I should be let off to lead a life of my choice. Since he was a respected person, the Panchayat accepted his advice. My mother also tried to change my views. She believed that the people of Phulat had cast some spell or magic on me so she took me to a soothsayer at Phalauda. He consoled my mother and said it was not any magic but it is will of Lord. He suggested going to Phulat as people were very sympathetic. I preached Islam to my mother but she declined to hear me. My uncle was very unhappy and angry. He accused me of bringing infamy to him. On one full moon day of poornima he invited me to feast. The night before feast I saw Maulana Saheb in dream and he warns me not to take Khir in the feast as it was poisoned for killing me. In the feast my uncle gave me a cup of Khir which I smartly put before him. My uncle did not see my trick and ate it. He became sick and had a number of vomiting. He was immediately taken to a Meerut Hospital where he died. After his last rites I came to Phulat and informed the Maulana and asked him how he knew about poisoning through Khir. He said that only Allah knows secrets and He saves His servant's strangely. My mother did not like the designs of my uncle and then held soft corner for Islam. But my two cousins became my enemy and in order to escape their harassment I started living at Phulat where they could not harm me. I stayed there for about 3 years, learnt prayers and other religious practices of Islam and served the guests. 
Q:      I have heard that you used to weep and cry a lot in your prayers. 
A:      (Weeping) Oh brother that weeping was due to the miracle which enabled a dirty and mean fellow like me to get blessings of Allah and survive. Whenever I started prayers I thought of His greatness and my low position. One day I asked the Maulana about utility of reading Altahyat & Durood in prayers. The Maulana told me that it had reference to the Ascension of our Prophet where he talked to Allah. We remember with gratitude our Prophet on getting this elevated position. Then I started to read Altahyat & Durood with great devotion. My heart melts while reading them and I feel that my Prophet is pleased with me. 
Q: I understand that you saw the holy Prophet many times in year dreams. 
A: Probably it is due to my devotion towards reciting of Altahyat & Durood. When I saw the Prophet for the first time n my dream I noticed his fair complexion and regarded him of being equal to your father in age. He told me to go and get my mother converted to Islam as she was ready to recite Kalma. In the morning at the advice of Maulana I went back to my village. I found my mother very ill as she was having loose motions. She had become very weak. I took her to a Physician and attended her. I used to change and wash her dirty clothes very well. She was very much impressed with my service and pronounced Kalma and I christened her Fatima. She got back her health. But the village people did not like my coming back and tried to attack or harm me from time to time but my Allah saved me. Then I consulted Maulana Saheb and started living at Meerut with my mother. Then Maulana advised me to start some business and I took up selling of vegetables for the first time. Then having heard from Maulana about profitability of trading in steel as per a Hadith of Prophet I took up the business of Iron scraps and prospered in it. My son also became a Muslim and came to live with me. My village men traced me out at Meerut and gave ten thousand rupees to a criminal to kill me. But the Prophet fore warned me in a dream that a villain named Mohammad Ali clad in black pants and blue shirt would come to kill me the next day. Then he asked me to question why being Muhammad Ali he wanted to kill Noor Muhammad who was earlier known as Ramphal and has embraced Islam now. Next day after closing my shop I was about to go to my house then a fellow turned up. I challenged him and put the question to him. He was surprised to hear his name and asked me how I came to know about it. I told him that it was told to me by the greatest speaker of truth in the world and narrated to him my dream. The fellow burst into tears and clung to me and handed me his revolver and said "Brother please kill this mean scoundrel who does not deserve to live" I told him killing will not do any good and he must sincerely repent and pray to God and join Tabligi group for Dawah work I gave him some money and he went on Dawah work. In Meerut a friend showed me the mosque where my brother had died after Tahajjud prayers. I stayed in the night there and offered Tahajjud prayers; I thought that the mosque was a gate way of paradise. Later in the night I saw the Prophet in dream and he told me that paradise was meant for believers and that I has still to perform many works in the world. I woke up and thought about my future. I approached Maulana Saheb. Then I went first to Punjab and then to Haryana but could not settle myself in business and became indebted. Maulana prayed and then asked to me to go to Kanpur. Then my scrap business flourished and I paid off my debts and got my son married. I also married a widow and am leading a happy life. 
Q: Very good. Will you like to give some message to Muslims? 
A: I request you and all Muslims to pray for the success of my Dawah programme which I have started among Bengali refugees and Bheel tribals and am working at Jamuna Nagar and Khandwa and I hope for a big success. I impress upon all my brothers to devote themselves to work of Tabligh and Dawah and keep away people from hell fire. I earnestly pray for Maulana Saheb and your family and whole Muslim community for getting the right guidance. I am so grateful for your sympathy and love shown to me. 

[I say that consciousness among Muslims about Dawah work is very necessary. If Muslims realize their responsibility in this field, this work would become very easy because the climate is very congenial. People are in search of getting the call and are eager to learn about Islam. But we are lethargic to show them the right path. Therefore our Maulana is worried and all the time calls the attention of Muslims towards this important work which is the only solution of all problems of the world.]
Q: Khalid Saheb Alsalam Alaikum may I give you some trouble. From Phulat an Urdu magazine ARMUGHAN is published and on its behalf I want to talk to you. Please introduce yourself and give an interview. 
A: Ahmad I know ARMUGHAN very well. It will give me good publicity. My name is now Mohammad Khalid. Earlier it was Vinod Kumar Khanna. I was born on 2ndAugust 1956 in Jalandhar. We originally belonged to Patiala. My father's name is Dr. Anil Kumar Khanna and five years ago he retired from the post of Executive Engineer Hydel Department. After becoming an electrical engineer, I joined my father's department and remained posted at Jalandhar for 15 years accidently and discussed with him. Three years ago I was promoted and transferred. I came to Delhi on some official work and met Maulana Saheb and consulted him about certain issues. 
Q: Please tell us the story of your conversion to Islam. 
A: About 13 years ago on 19th April 1992 I was returning from Delhi by a super fast express train after an official tour. At Muzaffar Nagar railway station a pious person, an embodiment of Islamic traits boarded my compartment and occupied my adjacent berth. He was your father, my greatest benefactor and teacher. After the train whistled off from Muzafar Nagar, a Jat passenger sitting by my side asked him when the train would reach Muzaffar Nagar. Maulana Muhammad Kaleem told him that the train had already left Muzaffar Nagar. This bewildered him as he was to get down there. He took out his bundle and rushed towards the door. Actually he wanted to jump from the running train. The Maulana stopped him and said "Now uncle you cannot get down. You should travel up to next station Deoband and then come back on another train to Muzzafar Nagar." But he was adamant to get down and told Maulana that he had to reach Muzaffar Nagar at once to take part in arrangements for wedding of his daughter and some people were coming for Mangani. But Maulana dragged him to his seat and said "Uncle if you jump from a running train you are sure to die. Then how will you be able to settle the marriage of your daughter. I shall not allow you to get down before Deoband." The Jat remained seated because of his insistence. I was seeing all this. I belonged to a religious household and considered myself a social worker. My conscience was pricked to think that in these days of communal frenzy a religious Muslim person saved the life of a non-Muslim fellow. In those days there was great tension in the country because of the Babri Masjid movement. When Deoband came Maulana helped the Jat to get down along with his luggage. I came to Maulana and said "You have punished me in such a way that I intend to commit suicide." It made Maulana very surprised and he enquired me the reason. I said "Maulana Saheb in these days of Hindu Muslim enmity you saved a Hindu's life and I did not care for a single moment to help him. Now I am feeling guilty and think it is better for me to die than to lead such a lethargic life. Your behavior has touched my heart." The Maulana kissed my hands and appreciated my feelings. He told me that as a Muslim it was his duty to help and save other fellow beings and observe certain rules of humanity. Then he told me about Prophet Mohammad, his teachings and stories of certain saints and pious persons. Many other passengers heard the Maulana's talks and were moved by his sincerity and devotion. I asked Maulana about himself and his address. He told me that he lived in the historic town of Phulat where the famous Muslim divine Shah Wali Ullah was born. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers. At Jalandhar I met two disciples of Maulana who gave me two books written by him 'Aap ki Amanat Aap ki seva mein' and 'Islam kiya hai'. I studied both the books and under their influence and what I had seen in the train, I recited Kalma and became a Muslim. For about one year I kept my conversion as a secret. Then I plucked courage to declare it and completed the legal formalities. All my family members became furious except my father who said that I was justified to change faith as per my choice. He advised the family not to quarrel on this issue and asked me to think over the matter seriously. I told him that I had decided after thorough consideration of two years. Then I contacted an Imam of a local mosque Maulana Ishtiaq to learn prayers and other Islamic rules. He informed me that after embracing Islam my marriage with my Hindu wife had become null and void. I told my wife and moved to a rented room because I wanted to follow every command of Islam. I had two small children and had to face stiff opposition from my family. I heard about Maulana Kaleem's visit to Samrala and met him there after taking leave from my office. The Maulana was pleased to hear about my Islam and said he prayed for me continuously to embrace Islam. Then I consulted him about the separation of my wife and other issues. He congratulated me on obeying the Islamic injunctions and asked me to remain in constant touch with a Daee to understand the instructions of Dawah. He informed me that in case of two options one should prefer to take up more profitable and less harmful proposition. He said in my case, since there is a possibility that my wife and children would accept Islam after some time, he would advise me to live with them otherwise they would never come to the fold of Islam. Though living with a na-mehram woman is undesirable and a sin in Islam but it could be permitted for better results. But I should observe care and not keep marital relations with the wife and should also pray for forgiveness from Allah. He gave me his phone number and asked me to keep regular contact with him. This meeting gave me much solace and on my return I narrated all this to my wife. I told her that the Maulana told me that a good Muslim always treated his wife well as instructed by Islam. I used to recite Quran and preach Islam to my wife regularly. I explained to her the merits of Islam and virtual defects of Hindu religion. After four years my wife agreed to embrace Islam and I became proficient in Quran and Urdu. In January 1999 I took my wife to Maulana at Phulat and he was very happy at her Islam. Then he advised me to perform Hajj and next year I performed Hajj and stayed in Medina for ten days. On return I devoted myself fully to the work of Dawah which I regarded as a responsibility given to the Muslims by the Prophet. I targetted some backward families of Jalandhar and in a few years more than 200 persons embraced Islam. A mosque along with a Madarsa was constructed there. Granthi (Sikh priests) of three Gurdwaras also became Muslims. In Medina I visited the Prophet's mosque and grave of Prophet Muhammad with great devotion and love. I felt that he had embraced me and endorsed my Dawah work through which I saved so many persons from hell fire. 
Q: Did you feel all this when you were awake? 
A: This I did not know but even today I remember the ecstasy and delicious taste of my visit to Medina. I saw the Prophet 21 times in my dreams and I grew beard and pledged to lead a life of piety. I recollected my liabilities and paid off dues which I owed to others. 
Q: What happened to education of your children? 
A: Brother, I had three sons Abdullah, Abdul Rahman & Abdul Raheem and two daughters Fatima and Ayesha. I named my wife Amna and engaged a Maulvi to teach my children. Before accepting Islam I was totally in favour of family planning and practiced it. In eleven years I got a son and after a gap of 6 years a daughter. But after coming to Islamic, I decided to follow all commands of Islam and have now six children. Now I can very well convince the supporters of family planning that they should not follow the silly westerners. I hope to educate all my children on Islamic pattern. They are going to school and also getting proper religious training. 
Q: Did you preach Islam to you parents? 
A: My father was leading a retired life at Patiala. I prayed for the guidance of my father, mother and younger sister during my Hajj at Multazim and in field of Arafat. My father was himself inclined towards Islam under the influence of a Hindu Sufi named Sanwali Shah Chisti, a disciple of a Pakistani Sufi. He was a resident of Gurdaspur and an ardent believer in the unity of God and had done many religious exercises and lived for 125 years. His poems on mysticism were published in Punjabi. When I went to meet my father after Hajj, he asked me to give him Zam-Zam and dates and took them with great devotion. He congratulated me on my good luck and asked me to tell him about Prophet and Medina I narrated to him all details and invited him to become a Muslim. He told me that he was waiting for me because in dreams Sanwali Baba had exhorted him to embrace Islam. Then I taught him Kalma and gave him the name of Mohammad Umar. After that I pleaded with mother for three days and she along with my widowed sister also became Muslims. Thus Allah blessed my family with ISLAM and I am very grateful to Him. 
Q: Khalid Saheb let us share with your experiences about difficulties faced by you in Dawah work. 
A: Brother Ahmed actually your father Maulana Kaleem is an ideal Muslim and true follower of Prophet Muhammad. I still remember one of his speeches in which he said that every Muslim being a part of light of Islam was a Daee since birth and had to bring illumination in the world. I treat and consider Dawah as my mission of life. I spend half of my earning on Dawah work and my wife and children also work with me. I think that the whole world is badly in need of this but unfortunately Muslims are not responding properly. The greatest problem of a Daee is to make Muslims realizes their duty because they do not pay attention towards Dawah. Man being a social animal needs at every stage a society embedded with Islam these days. Here I want to tell you a pathetic story. At Jalandhar, many Muslim converts engaged in leather dyeing, one active and truly religious person known as Pahalwan has performed Hajj and taken an active role in evacuating of 6 mosques and is running an Islamic Madarsa. His eldest daughter became Hafiz-e-Qur'an and recited Quran in Tarawih. But despite continuous efforts for 4 years nobody came forward to marry her. Every one refused to accept her by calling her a chamar. Being too sentimental he was forced to marry her Hafiz daughter to a non Muslim dalit who reared pigs and ate pork. Since then he became very anti-Muslim and abused them. Actually he tried his level best to marry her to an illiterate Muslim worker of his factory but he refused to marry a chamar girl. Then out of frustration he married her to a non-Muslim. This was very painful to me and to the girl also who took poison many times but her life was saved every time. By chance your father came there and I told him this story. He went to Jalandhar and met Pahalwan. Then he deputed his two disciples who persuaded her husband to embrace Islam and thus the problem was solved. All of us are very grateful to Maulana. But the main problem is that Muslims should devote themselves to Dawah work. This is very necessary to solve problems all over the world. 
Q: Thank you much Khalid Saheb. Your interview has moved me and I would like to work with you. 
A: Ahmad Bhai I am really sorry that as the followers of Prophet, we do not discharge our responsibility despite such a congenial atmosphere for expansion of Islam. Maulana Saheb refers to his sympathetic act of saving life of a Jat who embraced Islam and says that such things attract people to Islam. Thank you Ahmad Bhai, I think my interview will be liked by readers of ARMUGHAN.
[The family members of Gita Didi wanted to marry her to a non-Muslim. She approached many Muslim neighbours to help her in embracing Islam and leaving Hinduism. But nobody came forward because of fear. Then she rang me and told me that she would be forcibly married to a Hindu on the coming Saturday. I had no holiday except Sunday to go to Bhopal and help her. Till Friday she ran to many Muslims houses. When she received no help, on Friday night she consumed many Sulphide tablets and died. Till her death time she longed for Islam and prayed to God and thus preferred death to her marriage with a Hindu; But she had to continuance to live in Hindu Samaj and had to commit suicide.]



 BY Maulana Ahmad Awwah

Q: Al Salam Alaikum Tauhid Bhai I have to take your interview for Armughan. Please first introduce yourself. 
A: Yes your father had told me about it. I hope Allah will be pleased with my talks. Twenty two years ago I was born in a Verma family of Sehore district in Madhya Pradesh. My father is a very staunch Hindu. He named me Dharmendra. My whole family is attached to Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and Sanatan Dharam Akhara. I have three brothers and a sister. I got education in a local school and then was employed in Mandi Deep Factory, Bhopal. I liked exercises and yoga and due to persuasion of my friends I joined Shiv Sena Bhopal and took active part in anti-Muslim programmes. 
Q: How did you embrace Islam? 
A: My change of faith is in conformity with a Hadith of Prophet MUHAMMAD in which he has said 'Every day at a particular time Allah grants every person's desire which is fulfilled. In school I developed a friendship with two Muslim boys named Shahzad and Azad. I used to play with them and used to visit their house where I took non vegetarian food in the same plate with them. Their fields were adjacent to our fields. One day Shahzad’s father cut the boundary of our field and that led to exchange of hot words between my father and Shahzad’s father. When the dispute became heated, Shahzad’s mother, in order to pacify my father told him that his son used to eat with her sons in the same plate and was their good friend. When my father returned home he beat me severely and said that because of eating beef and meat I had become impure and faithless. He threatened to burn my mouth to purify it. I also lost my temper and told him that I would not leave my Muslim friends. Then be beat me more severely. I declared that I would run away from the house and would turn a Muslim. My father did not like my association with Islam. He tried to poison me against Islam and Muslims by telling false stories of atrocities of Muslim rulers including Mahmud Ghaznavi and Mughal Kings. He tried to intensify feelings of hatred and enmity against Muslims in me. I felt somewhat attached to the Muslim way of life because of my close friendship with Muslims. In the Bhopal factory, a boy named Waseem became my friend. I joined him in IFTAR during the month of Ramzan. Sometimes I attended the meetings of Jamaat people with him and heard the narrations about Paradise, Hell and events after death and to some extent I believed them to be true. After some time, I joined another factory and there I developed friendship with a youth named Javed. He also used to invite me to IFTAR and I used to see him offering prayers after fasting. One day he asked me to embrace Islam and say prayers to get a life of content. After some time due to illness I had to take long leave and my service was terminated. Then I got a job in another factory where I met girl named Geeta and I made her my elder sister. After some time, on invitation from former supervisior mine, I went to his factory at Noida and started working there. I invited Geeta for a holiday trip to Noida. But seeing her in the factory, the owner became angry and terminated my job thinking I was a man of loose morals. I told Geeta about Javed's invitation to Islam. She spoke highly of Islam and told me that it was a true religion. She told me about her talks with the daughters of her Muslim neighbours. They told her about Islam and read to her some articles and interviews of converts to Islam published in an Urdu magazine ARMUGHAN. Before going back, Geeta Deedi urged me to embrace Islam and inform her about it. This kindled a desire of being a Muslim in my heart; I joined another factory where I met a Muslim boy named Saif. One day I told him about my desire to come under the folds of Islam. He asked me to go to a nearby mosque and meet its Imam. I went to the mosque for two days, saw Muslims offering prayers but could not dare enter it and meet the Imam. But this made me more impatient to embrace Islam. Next evening I again went there and met the Imam Saheb who asked me to come on Friday. But on Friday when I went to him, I had to come back disappointed because of his indifferent attitude. Certain members of a Tablighi Jamaat present there also took my request casually and discouraged me. Then I went to Okhla and recited Kalma. Then at the insistence of Saif I went with a Tablighi Jamaat to Panipat & Sonipat after selling my watch and my gold ring. I used to phone to Bhopal, Sehore and Noida and talked to my friends. Some members of the group became suspicious and took me as an agent of C.I.D. They complained to Maulana Kaleem but he told them to take me with the Jamaat for 40 days on his surety and asked them to send me to him after wards. Then I went back to Noida and one day met Maulana Saheb in Delhi. He again taught me the Kalma and on my request named me Tauhid. He made me his disciple and gave me his book Aap Ki Amanat for reading. The other day some people from Bhopal came to Maulana Saheb and, after getting his permission I went to Bhopal with them. But after some time I returned to Phulat and got myself circumcised as per the Sunnat of Prophet. I fell with fever but recovered soon and served Maulana Saheb. 
Q: What happened to your Geeta Deedi? 
A: Her family wanted to marry her in a Hindu house hold. She approached many Muslims and asked for their help to marry her with a Muslim and avoid her proposed marriage to an alcohol addict and gambler. But out of fear nobody helped her. Then she phoned me and I promised to come to her on Sunday. Since she was to be married on Saturday, she swallowed sulphide tablets and died. She preferred death over her marriage to a Hindu and continuance in the Hindu religion. When I reached Bhopal on Sunday, I learned about her tragic death and repented for my negligence and lethargy. Then I was sent to Ambala in Haryana by Maulana Saheb. There a factory owner agreed to employ me provided I shaved my beard. I refused out right and joined another factory and on lesser wages.  There I became supervisor but at the instigation of some colleagues, I lost my job. The reason was that one day I found Rs. 5 in the factory unclaimed by any one. I pasted a notice about it in the factory and the manager was displeased with me and dismissed me. 
Q: How do you feel after becoming Muslim and what was your contribution to Dawah work? Have you any message for Muslims? 
A: I love everything about Islam, specially the traditions of our Prophet. Even I did not put a pocket in my shirt because I could not get any information about its position in Prophet Dress. So I decided not to get more dresses stitched. I am doing Dawah work and hope to get some people of Jhinjhana converted. I request my Muslim brothers to observe the Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet and like me engage themselves in Dawah work with zeal. They can do it very well when I belong to an anti-Islamic family get success in this work.



BY Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[I hold the view that Muslims do not value the gift of Islam received by them by birth or by inheritance. They do not realize the miserable plight of those who are deprived of this blessing. They should feel pity on them and help them to escape the hell fire. They must help them to get out of their misery]
Q: ABDULLAH BHAI Al Salam Alaikum. I am the son of Maulana Kaleem Saheb of Phulat. I want to talk to you on some topics. 
A: Wailaikum Salam. I know you. Maulana Saheb has told me about the interview which you want to do with me. I am willing to co-operate. 
Q: First introduce yourself and then narrate the event of your embracing ISLAM. 
A: My earlier name was Sanjiv Patnaik. I was born in an educated family of Cuttack (Orissa). My father died suddenly of heart failure. So I could not study beyond B.Sc. I had to take care of my mother and sister. I got my sister married and had to take a loan for it. I got a job in the junior section of the college where my father was a lecturer. But I had some differences with the principal and after some time I had to leave the job. Then I worked at different places to repay the debt but could not settle down. One day, in a mood of frustration and despair, I decided to commit suicide by jumping from bridge into the river. I climbed over the bridge and was about to jump when a Maulana caught hold of me. He was passing from there on a motor bike and rushed to save my life. After hearing my story he said to me "Brother this is not the correct approach. Life is a sacred thing given to you by Lord, the Creator and you have no right to destroy it. If you ever commit suicide, you would be tormented for ever till Day of Judgment. You must take care of life after death." I was surprised and asked him what does life after death mean? To me death destroys everything. Then he explained to me the concept of life after death and recited many verses of Quran and exhorted to me to stick to the straight path of guidance. Then he told me to go to UP and meet his spiritual teacher Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Saheb. I told him about my unemployment and indebtedness. He took me to his house, gave me five hundred rupees and a letter for his teacher. I went to my mother and told her that I had to go to Delhi to get a job. Then I went to Phulat via Delhi. Your father was away but one Molvi Atiq of Cuttack was staying there. He helped me a lot and the next day I met the Maulana along with him. He taught me to pronounce the Kalma and gave me the name of Abdullah. I told him that I wanted to stay there and also do some job. He asked me to go to Jasola with Maulvi Atiq and learn some Hindi Urdu along with things related to Islam. He promised me to arrange employment at some school after his return from his trip to Saudi Arabia and Dubai. I went to Jasola; learnt prayers, got myself circumcised and collected information about ISLAM. 
Q: There once you filed an F.I.R against my father at Khatauli police station. Please tell us that story. 
A: Oh! Ahmad Bhai it was my foolishness and act of mean temperament. I met your father for hardly twenty five minutes but I was impressed by his humane attitude and affection for desperate and ignorant persons. I was short tempered since my birth and due to long life of despair I had become quarrelsome and arrogant. At Jasola I had frequent fights with my teachers and other in-mates. Usually Maulvi Atiq used to pacify me but due to the illness of his mother, he had to leave for Orissa. But before that he took me to Phulat in order to avoid such fights. There the in-charge, Mr. Islam, arranged for my stay in a cell at a local mosque. One day I picked a quarrel with the person who used to say Azan there and abused him. Islam Saheb interviewed me and when I misbehaved with him he slapped me. I took away my luggage and went to the police and filed a report against Maulana Kaleem for my abduction from Delhi and forcible conversion to Islam. I told the police that at his insistence two strong persons forced me to offer prayers and live under duress at Phulat. The station officer laughed at me and did not believe my story. Then I threatened to meet the superintendent of police and report the matter to him. Then the station officer took down my report against Maulana Saheb. Since he Maulana had gone out of India, his elder brother, an advocate came to the police station along with a medical practitioner. At that time there was great tension at Khatauli because a few days back, certain Shiv Sainik volunteers had gang raped a 15 years old Muslim girl and killed her. On the order of chief minister Ms. Maya Wati, the culprits were arrested and put in jail. The Shiv Sainiks of the whole district surrounded the police station and demanded that accused should be set free. Seeing this tense situation, the advocate talked to the S.O to close the matter peacefully but S.O demanded a big sum. Finally the advocate paid him the money. The station officer gave me five hundred rupees. When I asked for more money, he abused me and threatened to take action against me for filing an untrue report. Then I went back to Cuttack and was shocked to hear about the death of my mother. I was told that she had embraced Islam and the Maulana, who had saved my life, looked after her very well till her death and got her buried in a Muslim graveyard. I found myself as an unfortunate loser who, after getting the kingdom in a dream had nothing left in life. I did not want to revert to Hinduism and also did not have the courage to go back to Phulat after showing my meanness. I stayed at Cuttack for two months. One day I told my pathetic condition to a Pundit who managed a big ashram at Banaras. He took me there and I lived there for one year but I could not get any peace of mind. During my stay there in various Ashrams, bombs were planted, including my Ashram. The police took strong action and interrogated the priests and since I was new comer there, the police suspected me to be an agent of Lashkar-e-Tayabba. They pulled down my pants and discovered my circumcision and held me as a terrorist. I told them about my report at Khatulai police station. But when they contacted Khatauli police, it denied of getting any such report. I was put to great torture by the Banaras police. I was beaten severely, my nails were pulled out and I was given an inhumane treatment and the punishment of highest degree. They asked me to confess the crime and tell them the names of other terrorists. I told them repeatedly that I was punished because of my betrayal of my benefactor and my meanness. But they did not care for my pleadings. News was published along with my photo in the papers, holding me to be a habitual terrorist who had entered a Hindu Ashram with evil designs. When they failed to get any information from me, they produced me before a D.I.G. of police, who had come there on promotion. I was lying on a stretcher because both my legs were fractured. He talked to me in private and asked me to tell him the true facts. With tears in my eyes, I narrated my heinous crime of betrayal to Maulana Kaleem Saheb. He knew Maulana Saheb and after reading his book Aap ki Amanat had embraced ISLAM himself. He believed my story and told me that six months ago he had become a Muslim himself but had not yet announced it. He rebuked me for cheating and misbehaving with Maulana Saheb. Then he ordered to set me free and ask me to go back to Phulat and to stick to Islam. He sent me to a Madarsa in Banaras in a police van but the Madarsa refused to give shelter to a man accused of terrorism for fear of their infamy. Then I was admitted in a government hospital. After two months I was discharged but my kidney was damaged and I used to walk on baisakhis. On the request of the D.I.G., a Hajji of Banaras looked after me and gave me some money to me to get treatment at A.I.M.S. Delhi but I could not get admission there and had to go Safdargunj Hospital. I had lost every hope of recovery and wanted to apologise to Maulana before dying. I remembered the advice of the D.I.G. and was impatient to meet Maulana Saheb. Then a miracle happened. I regarded it a day of rejoicing like Eid because one day Maulana himself came to Safdargunj Hospital to see a friend who was posted there. When I saw Maulana entering my ward I jumped and fell on his feet. I disclosed my identity to him by saying that I was no one else but the mean and ungrateful Abdullah Cuttacki. He embraced me and enquired if I was still under the Islamic fold. He was grieved to see my condition and he feared that I might die as a Hindu and I would be consumed by hell fire. He told me that he had prayed for me during Umra that I should die only as a Muslim and he pledged to offer Nafils and give alms for my sticking to path of Islam. I wept bitterly and apologised to Maulana that his brother had to give a bribe of nine thousand rupees because of me. Maulana embraced me again and said that he had recived back that amount. Then he narrated a strange story. He said, "I was informed of this incident on my return. I told my fellow workers that money did not matter to me. But reversion of a Muslim to Hindu fold was a very serious thing. Luckily at that time I had arranged a big meeting of Payam-e-Insaniat to be addressed by Maulana Syed Rabey Hasani Nadvi Rector of Natwatul Ulema, Lucknow at Muzaffar Nagar, Bijnaur, Meerut and Khatauli. In the Muzaffar Nagar meeting, Mr. A.K. Jain, SP city was also present. He took great liking for the Payam-e-Insaniat movement. He heard my speech and later on asked me to enroll him as a life member in this forum. He also offered any help which I wanted from him. I came to know that the same Mr. Jain was still S.P city at Muzaffar Nagar. I took an appointment with him over the phone and met him at Muzaffar Nagar. I told him the full story that the station officer took nine thousand rupees as a bribe from my brother. He was sorry to hear this and asked me to meet him personally over a cup of tea. When I reached his residence, the station officer of Khatauli was also present. He shouted at him and commanded him to return the amount of 9000/- to me by next morning and seek apology from me otherwise he would lose his job. The station officer came to me next day, apologised to me and returned the money. I informed Mr. Jain and thanked him. I am really grateful to Allah for this favour. Then Maulana Saheb phoned somebody at A.I.I.M.S and got me admitted there. I was released within a month after proper treatment but am still taking medicine. Maulana Saheb arranged for my stay in a Madarsah in old Delhi. I am teaching English there and always offer my gratitude to my merciful Allah. This is all due to prayers and efforts of Maulana that I am still a Muslim and regard myself as the most fortunate person. Had I died as an infidel at Banaras, I would have been thrown in Hell. 
Q: Have you any message for readers of ARMUGHAN 
A: I hold the view that Muslims who have got the gift of Islam by birth or inheritance do not realize the miserable plight of those who have not embraced Islam. They should take mercy on them and try to save them from Hell fire. Ahmad: Abdullah Bhai thanks to you, your moving story would benefit many. Khuda Hafiz.



BY Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[There are more than 1500 million Dalits in the world, mostly living in India and Bangladesh. They are oppressed and exploited by the cruel caste system. They are denied to live and dine with others as equals. If we, the Muslims convey true meanings of the last sermon of Prophet to them and embrace them as our brothers in faith, they would escape the tournament of Hell. I have seen sweepers and Dalit workers taking tea and food at the same table with Maulana at Phulat.]
Q: (Ahmed) Assalamualikum Bhai Dr. Muhammad Saheb. I have troubled you because my father commanded me to invite you here and take your interview for the magazine ARMUGHAN. Please introduce yourself and tell us how you became a Muslim. 
A: Yes Maulana Saheb had already told me a few months ago about this interview. Though I am too small person to give an interview for such a reputed magazine, yet I am happy to comply with the wishes of Maulana Saheb My earlier name was Ram Chandra. I was born in a sweeper's house at Mehrauli, Delhi 28 years ago. My uncle got me admitted in a school against the wishes of my father because I was intelligent and wanted to study. When I came in 11th class (science) my father died. I worked as a labourer and passed Inter (science) exam with 1st division. Due to my adverse family circumstances, many a times I wanted to give up further studies. My uncle was serving in a government college and he pressed me to continue higher studies in his college. The Brahmin and Rajput teachers treated us very shabbily. Sometimes I wanted to commit suicide after killing these monsters. However I could not continue my regular studies after some time. Then I went to the residence of a Muslim named Syed at Greater Kailash where my father had worked. Syed Saheb employed me as a Chaukidar and sweeper. My coming to the fold of Islam is the greatest favor of Allah and His true Prophet, who deserves salutation and Durood. It was really such a big reward for a down trodden and heartbroken sweeper who was unable to breath under the cruel caste system. But breezes of blessing of Islam changed my life altogether; perhaps Maulana has told you something about me. 
Q: Yes once he narrated your story in a very touching manner. He reminded the Muslims that they should consider it their duty to look after the down trodden Dalits and give justice to them. These 50 crores dalits were our blood relations but were denied to sit, eat drink with their Muslim brothers, how will we show our faces to Allah? 
A: Syed Nadeem Saheb, at whose residence in Greater Kailash I was working as a chaukidar. He belonged to Allahabad and had two factories in Noida and a bungalow in Greater Kailash. He knows your father very well and has a great liking for Dawah work. Once he invited Maulana to his residence but despite his promise he could not came because of an accident. He had promised me to introduce me to Maulana and to request him to pray for me. I was disappointed when Maulana did not come to his place. But on 20th June1999 while returning from Alwar, Maulana Saheb came to his place at about 3P.M. Due to a dust storm the house had become dirty so I cleaned the house. When he came I opened the door of his car and Syed Saheb introduced me to him. Syed Saheb told him that he had not gone for lunch because of his visit. The Maulana cast a glance on me, shook hands with me and then embraced me affectionately and pressed my back. Then, he met Syed Saheb. Lunch was served in the drawing room because it was already too late. I was thrilled to see Maulana Saheb embracing me and giving me more importance than his host. I was standing when Maulana came out of the drawing room and invited me to join them for lunch. First I thought he was saying it in a formal manner only. But he took the broom from my hand and dragged me towards the wash basin and asked me to wash my hands with soap. Then he took me to the wooden bed and asked me to sit by his side and eat with all the others. This was a very difficult and strange experience for me. Then he put some gravy and bread in my plate and then poured his share also in my plate and start eating from it. He ate Biryani and sweets also from my plate. It was all unbelievable for me but I had to eat somehow. I was constantly thinking how was it possible that a Muslim divine could allow me to sit and eat with him. Actually I was not able to stand it and wanted to leave the place. Syed Saheb asked me to say to Maulana whatever I liked and then go home where my mother would be waiting for me for lunch. I plucked courage and said to Syed Saheb "Sir why are you sending me to a dirty place after eating together. Please convert me to Islam and get me united with you." Maulana said "Oh my son you are already our brother from blood relation being son of a human being. Hence all members of family must obey the dictates of Islam. The holy Prophet had brought a law (SHARIAT) that does not recognize disparity and untouchability based on rigid caste system. As you desire to be a Muslim, first recite a Kalma of few lines and we shall bear witness to it." Then he taught me Kalma which I recited along with its Hindi translation then he gave me the name of Muhammad Ahmed and said that they were exalted names of the Prophet and that I deserved them because I was subjected to inhuman treatment in the past several years. Then he advised me to go on Tabligh Mission with a Jamaat. In the night I felt a bit vexed and stuffy but the next day as desired by Syed Saheb I went for 40 days to Moradabad and Aligarh with a Jamaat. Syed Saheb purchased some Hindi and English books on Islam for me. On return, on his recommendation, I got admission in Jamia and stood 1st in B.A (Honors) English and then took a M.A. degree in English and joined Syed Sahebs factory at in Noida. One day Syed Saheb called me and offered the hand of his daughter is marriage to me. On 10th Jan 2003, I was married to his daughter and Syed Saheb himself solemnized the marriage. Then in May 2003 along with my wife I performed Umra. At Medina I was over whelmed to see the Prophet's mosque and saluted him. Then I promised to grow a beard and read Quran. I saw the Prophet many times in dreams. Same year both of us performed Hajj and then I completed my Ph.D. in English from J.N.U. New Delhi. The topic of my Research was "Obligations of Prophet Muhammad on Humanity and World Civilization". It has been since completed and now I have to appear in viva voce only. 
Q: How is your wife and how does she treat you? 
A: She is very religious minded and as a Muslim woman she respects me as her husband. But it is difficult for me to treat her as a wife because she belongs to the family of our Prophet. So far I have not even asked her to bring water for me. She is very fond of Dawah and reads the books of Maulana on Dawah. Whenever I remember the holy Prophet, I kiss her face. I could not explain my degree of my anguish when I saw the objectionable cartoon made by a Danish journalist about our beloved Prophet. I pray to Allah to punish such vulgar and mean fellow. When I talked to Maulana about it, he said that to some extent we Muslims are responsible for such provocations because we had not introduced our Prophet and his teaching to the non-Muslims. It cooled down my anger but I still feel that Allah will punish these uncivilized people. I am studying Arabic for 2 hours every day and by the grace of Allah, now I can follow the meaning of Quran. I have started reciting of Quran also and have completed four para's. Once I led Juma prayers at Noida. Q: You look like a Maulana. What do people call you? A: Yes many people address me as Maulana. Whenever I see my reflection in a mirror, I want to kiss my face. I thank Allah that I look respectable and He made me Syed from a sweeper. I do not consider any one inferior but pray to Allah to make every Muslim as a true Muslim both outwardly and inwardly. 
Q: Have you propagated Islam to your family members? 
A: Though I was busy in my studies, yet I devoted some times to Dawah work also. My mother and one sister have embraced Islam and we have built a house at Noida. This year I intend to perform Umra with my wife and then both of us will concentrate on Dawah work. As I have told you my wife is a very enthusiastic Muslim woman. By grace of Allah, many of her friends have come to the fold of Islam due to her preaching and she has helped some of them financially to get married. She recites one manzil of Quran and 1000 times Durood every day. I also follow her and both of us do so before going to sleep. May Allah accept it. 
Q:      What message do you want to give to the readers of ARMUGHAN? 
A: There are about 1500 million people in the world affected and tortured by rigours of caste system and its atrocities. Most of Dalits are leading a life of misery in India and Bangladesh. They are denied to take meals and drink water with others even once in their life time. We the Muslims should convey to them the contents of the last sermon of our Prophet in real terms and should embrace and love them only. Then such a large population can get guidance and escape the Hell fire. I have seen at Phulat that Sweepers and Dalit Labourers sip tea and eat food sitting by the side of Maulana Saheb and get guidance. Islam is the only solution and solace for the whole humanity especially for Dalits and Black people. We should realize our duty towards propagation of teachings of our noble Prophet. (Then he recited certain verses of Quran in the style of Shaikh Shareem Imam of Makka Mosque) I like the melodious tone and style of reciting Quran and Hadith of Shaikh Shareem because it shows glory of Allah. (Then he recited Surah Mudassir.) 
Q:      Your interview is very much impressive and I congratulated you. 
A:      "Ahmad Bhai may Allah bless you with Quran and its words and teachings. All humanity should benefit through Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and get full blessings from Hajj, Dawah and ARMUGHAN. Then he finished his interview weeping and sobbing.



By Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[When a man travels by train for a few hours, sometimes his ticket is checked during the journey otherwise it is finally checked and collected at the destination. Similarly human life is like a train journey. and Its ticket is faith. This ticket will be finally checked at the door of the here-after and a without ticket (without faith) the person will be thrown in hell. Therefore all the human beings should be told to have this ticket. Islam is such a blessing that entirely changes one's whole life as happened in my case. It is out our main responsibility to tell people about heaven and hell-specially the horrors of hell.]
Q: Assalamualaikum SUHAIL SAHEB. As you know from here a Dawati magazine is published and these days interviews of lucky converts to Islam like yourself are being published in it. My father has asked me to take your interview in this series. Please let us know about you and your family and the story of your acceptance of Islam. 
A: Surely, I also want to tell my story for benefit of others. I am the son of a Thakur landlord of a village of district Mehsawa in Gujarat. I was known earlier with the name of Yuvraj Singh. Actually in pursuance of my Janamarashi, Pundits gave me the name of Mahesh but my name continued to be Yuvraj. I was born on 13thAugust 1983 and I studied up to B.Com in my family college, A.J.JASPAL THAKUR COLLEGE. I have a brother and a sister. My brother in law is a big neta of BJP but this year in order to keep his political stature he won in election on a congress ticket. After the Godhra tragedy in Gujarat riots of 2000, I along with a group of eight friends took active part. At Sunderpur, 15 kms away from our village; about 60-70 people were brutally burnt alive and we regarded this inhuman activity as an example of our courage. There was a small historic mosque in our village. It was built by a saint peer Hamdani who, hundreds of years ago, converted many people to Islam. Our village people planned to pull down the mosque and accordingly. Our group went there and tried to raze it to the ground but we failed miserably. Our iron pickaxes could not break it, except the outer wall. Then we tried to burn it down. One of my friends brought petrol and sprinkled it on the mosque. When he tried to light fire his clothes caught fire and before our eyes he died miserably with great pain. I was frightened very much. The mosque was damaged but could not be destroyed. Then within two weeks, four members of our group died suddenly after a severe headache and two fellows became mad. This put me to great fear and misery. I tried to hide myself. During the night, I used to go to the damaged mosque and cry bitterly and prayed to God of Muslims to forgive my sin. In those days, I saw in my dreams paradise and hell many times. Q: What did you see? Please give us some details. A: I saw myself in hell with my group of friends. I saw that its supervisor was inflicting horrible punishments on my dead friends. They were put in a barbed iron net and their flesh and skin were peeled off and then their wounds were healed up and punishment continued. Then they were hanged with their heads down over flames of fire and some executioners flogged them mercilessly. They cried and wept bitterly and sought apology of their wrong doings. But the supervisor told them that time of repentance had expired and that they would be subjected to such torments forever. I saw these horrible scenes in my dreams daily and I started losing my mental balance. Then I was shown paradise in my dreams I saw beautiful rivers of milk, honey, cold water and un-intoxicated good smelling wines. There were very big and beautiful trees and gardens resounding with sound of ALLAH-HO-AKBAR. Whenever I did not join in recitation of this slogan, I was thrown out of paradise and found myself fallen on the ground on awakening. In one of my dreams I pronounced Kalma and was greeted by the in mates nicely. The riots continued in Gujarat and I was grief sticken to hear about the slaughter and genocide of Muslims. One day I went to Bijapur and met the Imam of the mosque there. He heard my story and said to me "Look here, ALLAH loves you otherwise like your friends you would also be getting torment in hell. You must become a Muslim immediately. Two youths have accepted Islam through my spiritual teacher Maulana Kaleem Saheb of Phulat". They were from among karsewaks who caused destruction of Babri Masjid, and then he told me about the acceptance of Islam by two dacoits of Haryana. Earlier I used to hate the words of Muslims and Islam. But now I was attracted towards Islam and decided to accept it in order to save myself from hell fire. I went to Ahmadabad and became a Muslim before the Imam of Jama Masjid, Ahmadabad. But he advised me to conceal it for some time. He gave me a book "RAHBAR-E-NAMAZ" and I learnt to say prayers. Then I returned to my house and after my exams I went to Baroda with a group of Tablighi Jamaat and read FAZAIL-E-AMAAL and MARNE KE BAAD KIYA HOGA". On my return to home, I used to say prayer secretly. One day a servant saw me praying and reported it to my father. My father had already become suspicious in this matter. When I returned from college, he questioned me sternly and ordered me to choose between leaving Islam and leaving home. I told him immediately that I would not abandon Islam. Then he became furious and turned me out of house after snatching my mobile, ATM and credit cards. I thought that leaving house and worldly things was preferable to get the pleasure and guidance of Allah. I went to Ahmadabad and wanted to stay in Juhapur mosque but there people were frightened and they did not allow me to stay there. Then I went to the Islamic centre at Daryapur. They heard my story and when they came to know that my father had close relations with a BJP minister, they refused to keep me. I was running short of funds. For sustainence, I could only afford tea with a few biscuits. Then I went to Palanpur and from there to Rajasthan and stayed with one Zakir Bhai who used to run 'New Jaipur Hotel' on Jaipur Ajmer highway. Then on his advice I went to Phulat and met your father. There I found the atmosphere very homely and learnt about Islam, life of Prophet Muhammad and his companions. Maulana Saheb welcomed me and told me many good things. I realized my sinful past and confessed to him about my evil deeds, which were bound to lead me towards hell only. I remembered that once in my house, my mother offered some sweets on an idol of Vishnu god. I saw that some ants took away pieces of the sweets and then a dog came and after eating some sweets, it passed urine on the idol. I was shocked to see that the idol could neither stop the ants nor punish the dog. I felt so relieved that I have got perfect guidance now. Now often I discuss with my Hindu friends about existence of invisible Allah. I argue that you believe in existence of invisible oxygen then why don't you believe in the invisible creator of oxygen and the whole universe. I feel pity on their ignorance and refusal to accept the basic truth. I intend to send my story for publication in world news for guidance of others. I once shunned and hated Islam but now I am an ardent devotee of this perfect religion and am ready to sacrifice everything for it. 
Q: Do you worry for your family members and want them to embrace Islam? 
A: Since I have a blood relationship with them, I eagerly pray for their coming on true path of Islam and have asked Maulana Saheb to pray for their salvation. He has promised to do so and assured that one day my whole family would embrace Islam. One day I requested Maulana to allow me to call myself Suhail Siddique instead of Suhail Khan so that I may establish a direct association with his name, I also told him that my parents have expelled me from their house and disassociated themselves with me and so I wanted to regard him as my father. The Maulana was moved to hear my request and said "Oh my son, actually I, Kaleem Siddiqui have not yet become really a true Muslim. But our Prophet has informed us that before the Day of Judgment, Islam will enter in every household of the world. So instead of associating with the name of Kaleem Siddiqui, you should associate ir with Hazrat Abu Baker Siddique (first Caliph of Islam), who embraced Islam at the first call of Prophet and served him with all sincerity. Since then I have started writing my name as Suhail Siddique instead of Suhail Khan.
  1. Do you want to give any message to Muslims?
  2. Just as one travels in a train for a short distance and has to show his ticket for checking sometimes during the journey and then finally it is checked and collected at the destination. Similarly in the journey of life, one has to show a ticket of IMAN at the doors of the hereafter.  A ticket-less person will be treated as a without ticket passenger and will be thrown in Hell fire. We Muslims have a special responsibility to see that non-Muslims also get the ticket of IMAN at an early date before their death. We must tell them that hell is the most terrible place to stay and the ideal dwelling place is paradise.



By Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[My conversion to Islam was due to the sincere sympathy and affection of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui. I was impressed by his sincere approach and accepted his advice. I regarded my acceptance of Islam a result of its truthfulness and closeness to human nature. I think that Maulana came to me in the form of an angel and I got true guidance.]
  1. Bhai Abdul Wahid, my father (ABBI) has commanded me to talk to you about your to ISLAM conversion so that your story may inspire workers of Dawah and Tabligh. First of all please introduce yourself and tell us the details of your conversion.
  2. I belong to an Assamese family of Asthana caste. My grandfather was an officer in the British period and my father was a sales tax officer in Bengal. He settled in Calcutta after serving in many places and died there. I was born on 11th Sept. 1959 at Maldah and was named Sanjiv Asthana. I studied at Maldah School and on transfer of my father, we moved to Calcutta. I took degrees of M.Sc. and B.Ed. Then I was appointed a Science teacher at a Government Higher Secondary School. Fourteen years ago I was married to a daughter of the principal of a college. She was also a teacher in a convent school. You may be aware that Government servants are entitled to leave travel concession facility after every three years of service. In 1998 I availed it and went on a picnic tour of South India with my family. For two days we broke our journey at Bhopal for sightseeing. At Bhopal station, I got some fever. I hired a taxi and asked the taxi driver to take us to some reasonably good hotel. The taxi driver was not a good person. He took us to a cheap hotel and asked me and my wife to go to the hotel room with our children and offered to bring our luggage there after us. But he played a trick and ran away with the luggage. I always used to note down the taxi number but on that day, due to fever, I failed to do so. In my luggage, besides my clothes and money, railway tickets were also kept. I was shocked and I went to the police station and the sub-inspector consoled me but did nothing. I took some medicines and then went to the Bhopal railway station. I then tried to ring my relatives in Calcutta but due to floods and constant rains the phone lines were not working and could not be contact. We boarded a train going to Jhansi without a ticket. A ticket checker came and asked us to pay for the cost of tickets along with penalty. I introduced myself to him and told him about the tragic accident. Then he became sympathetic and advised me to catch the connecting train for Katihar from Jhansi. He promised me to tell the ticket checking staff of that train about my case and assured me that I would reach Katihar without any difficulty. But I developed high fever in the train at Jhansi, and I was unable to continue the journey, I got down and was admitted in a hospital. The doctors were worried and prescribed special treatment. I assured them to arrange for money from relatives later on.
They were kind enough to arrange meals for us from the hospital. After some recovery I was discharged from hospital and reached Delhi. In the meanwhile, despite many efforts, my wife could not contact our relatives. At Delhi, luckily, I met again the same sympathetic ticket checker of Jhansi who again tried to help me to go to Kathiar. With great difficulty I reached Kathiar but no ticket collector agreed to take us to Calcutta. I had got only thirteen rupees which I gave to my wife to get some food. I was again down with fever and convulsions. She brought some Dal Bhat. I wept bitterly to see myself clad in dirty clothes and eating Dal Bhat like beggars. Then my Lord showed His pity to me and decided to take me out of this plight and at the sometime decided to save me from clutches of hell. I was lying on the platform shivering from fever and my children were taking food. Your father, Maulana Kaleem had just returned from Bihar and was to catch Rajdhani Express for Delhi from Kathiar. The train was running 4 hours late. The Maulana sat on a bench in front of me waiting for the train. When he saw me crying and weeping, he came to me and enquired about my condition. I was not in a position to talk to him. My wife told the whole story to him. He wept to see our plight. Then he went out of the station and got some medicines and milk for me. That gave me considerable relief. Then he said to me "I am very sorry to talk to you in this condition. But there is no alternative before me. In view of these tragic events faced by you, which anyone could face, I request you to borrow Rs. two thousands from me. I actually would very much like to give this to you as a gift but you being a person of high status may not like this gesture. Please accept my offer. I was surprised to hear all this. I thought that some divine angel was making this deal with a stranger. I also recalled that I had told this incident to many Hindus. They simply condemned and abused the taxi driver but sympathized with me only verbally. None of them cared to give me any financial assistance which a Muslim was offering to me. I told him that in such circumstances how I could refuse his offer. But I insisted to take down his postal address in order to return his loan by money order immediately on reaching home. He gave the money to me and asked his companion to give me his address on a piece of paper. Then he whispered something in the ear of his friend. Then he brought some bananas and ice cream for my children. They refused to take it but I told them to accept it because he was just like their real uncle. I again asked Maulana Saheb to give me his address. But he avoided to do so and said that we were like blood brothers and would meet some other day. In the mean while our train arrived and his friend brought tickets for us and helped us to board the train. I asked him to give me the address of Maulana. Then he gave me a book and said it was written by the Maulana and it contained his address. It was daytime and the compartment was almost vacant. I read the name of book "Aap Ke Amanat Aap Ki Seva Mein". The address of Maulana was given in it and in the beginning some words were written as an introduction by the Maulana himself. Each word of the book pierced into my heart. After reading the full book I gave it to my wife and she also read it. Then I took the second dose of the medicine and it did a magical effect to cure me. I got down at Calcutta Station very well. Both of us were captivated by the contents of the book and were convinced by its truth and sincerity. I told my wife that I wanted to go to Phulat and spend some time with Maulana as early as possible. My wife advised me first to send the money back to him and after taking medicine and full recovery go to meet him. But I could not get the address because the book was misplaced by someone and I could not find it. I wrongly remembered that the Maulana lived in Muzaffarpur which was a district in Bihar and accordingly made my reservation for Muzaffarpur. Then someone corrected me and told me that Maulana Kaleem lived in Muzaffar Nagar, a district in U.P. I cancelled my ticket and went to Muzaffar Nagar via Delhi. There I learnt the Maulana lived at Phulat and I reached there by bus. On the bus, a young man was sitting by my side guided me and at one O'clock in the night I reached Maulana's house. He recognized me immediately and was very happy to receive me. I met him again in the morning and repaid his loan. First he refused to accept it and asked me to take it back as a gift. Then he complained to me about undertaking such a long journey without getting the correct address. Then I told him about getting his book Aap Ki Amanat and reading it. He became happier and asked to know my reactions. I told him that I was at his disposal and would obey him. Then he taught me to recite Kalma and gave me the name Abdul Wahid. Then he advised me to contact persons at the Islamic centre Calutta and take part in Dawah work. I went with a Jamaat for 40 days and learnt prayers and other things of Islam. Ahmad Bhai, you cannot imagine the extent of my joy and satisfaction on my becoming a Muslim. Now I do not call names to the taxi driver who robbed me. On the other hand I feel indebted to him that he led me towards the most valuable path of Allah's faith. Now we are sure of getting His favours and blessing. 
Q: I want to know which of three factors – i) My father's sympathy and help ii) Contents of his book Aap ki Amanat or iii) the truthfulness of Islam induced you to accept Islam. 
A: Actually I embraced Islam because of your father's sympathy. Then I willingly read his book which appealed to my heart. Finally unity of God and other Islamic concepts convinced me about truthfulness of Islam. 
Q: How are children studying? 
A: They are getting education through English medium. All of us read Quran, Urdu and theology in the night. Our family members especially my uncle became very angry on our conversion to Islam. When I told him my story and the sincere help given by Maulana, he cooled down and asked me to give him the book Aap Ki Amanat. He congratulated me and read Aap ke Aamant. Then after a long persuasion, he also became a Muslim. Now more than 50 of my relatives have embraced Islam. 
Q: Any message for ARMUGHAN reader? 
A: Only to stick to the true religion of Islam and discharge our duties towards humanity through Dawah and preaching. Khuda Hafiz




[Ahmed Bhai outwardly all three of us took active part in the destruction of Babri Masjid but all of us remained under constant fear of some invisible danger. Sometimes we apprehended that some heavenly fire rock was about to brush us.]
Q: (Ahmed Awwah) Al Salam Alaikum. Bhai Ishaq I could not meet you for long time but yesterday Abbi (my father) told me about your visit and asked me to take your interview. Please give your family background and details of your conversion. 
A: Yes Ahmed Bhai. Maulana also told me. Though I hesitated to get my talk published because of my mean stature but he told me that it would encourage the worker of Dawah and that I would get recompense also. I was born in a Saini family in a village near Tanda Badli town in Rampur district of U.P. My father Puran Singh was a literate farmer; he named me Ashok Kumar. After getting education at my village and Rampur, I took a Diploma in Civil Engineering from Lucknow and got a job in a private construction company. I had a short temper since my childhood and after many quarrels at the company I left the job. There were two of my cousins friends Yogesh Kumar and Yogendra Singh. Who had studied with me till Intermediate classes. We used to do exercises and wrestling together. When the Babri Masjid dispute started, we enrolled ourselves in Bajrang Dal and took part in Advaniji's Yatra at Gwalior and travelled with it for four days. Our family members were very happy to see our activities. One day Yogesh Singh's father, who was a school teacher, called us and exhorted us to devote ourserlves for Ram's name and even sacrifice our lives so that we might become immortal heroes. He put a turban on our head. We felt very much encouraged and reached Ayodha on 30th Oct 1990 for Karseva. But the police arrested us and deported to Rampur. Later on at Ayodhya, police opened fire on Karsevaks at Ayodhya as per the orders of Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav. While being escorted to Rampur, we heard this news and in our rage, we beat some police Constables. But they consoled us that after the fall of Mulayam Singh's government, we could fulfill our desires easily. In November 1992 we again went to Ayodhya to destroy Babri Masjid. We did not have enough warm cloths and lived in separate Ashrams. We were surprised to see that some Sadhus asked us not to take part in such activities. One sadhu told me that if Shri Ram Chandra ji would be alive; he would have never allowed the destruction of the mosque. We were annoyed to hear these sermons. On 6th December 1992 a big crowd had surrounded the mosque. Our sanchalak told us to attack the mosque after getting a signal. Uma Bharati delivered a fiery speech and raised slogans to pull down the mosque. Yogesh fell down and was crushed badly. His ribs were broken and he remained bed ridden for several months. We brought some bricks of the destroyed mosque to our home and got a rousing reception. In a programme, we were garlanded and weighed in flowers. 
Q:      Now tell us about your acceptance of Islam. 
A:      Though we had taken part in the destruction of Babri Masjid as per our desire, yet all three of us were badly frightened with some invisible fear. We were afraid of any calamity at all times. On every anniversary of 6th December, tension rose in our region between Hindus and Muslims. Last year we were very frightened and did not come out of our houses on 6th December. The next day all three of us had to go to Rampur. On the bus stand, a college fellow Rais Ahmed met me and said to me jokingly "Ashok be prepared. Now it is your turn.” When I asked him about the details, he told me that first I would become mad and then accept Islam. He showed me some news in one Urdu paper Sahara and two Hindi papers about conversion of Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Umar. We were angered and decided to get to Phulat to verify the news and meet your father. We went to your house and showed the news to Maulana and sternly asked him to tell us about its authenticity. All of us were talking to him in a very harsh tone. But Maulana affectionately asked our names and addresses and offered us tea and snacks. He told us that the news was true and it was given to the papers by him. We started arguing with him and charged him with maligning the faith of other people. Maulana asked us that if he provided ample proof of his truth, would we approve his actions. Then he told us that Muhammad Umar referred to in the news was already staying with a Tablighi Jamaat at Phulat. Then he called him and asked us to talk to him in detail to our satisfaction. Maulana told Muhammad Umar to ignore our anger and bad mood but to talk to us affectionately treating us like sick patients and also pray for our guidance. Then we were seated in a small room with Muhammad Umar and tea with snacks was served to us. Umar Bhai told us his story of taking part in Advaniji's Yatra from Panipat to Sonipat and his assault on the dome of mosque where he was hit with a bullet. We three were horrified to hear his account and asked him what we should do. He advised us to embrace Islam to avoid all sorts of fears and torturers during this life as well as in the hereafter. After taking our meals, we consulted each other and conveyed our decision to become a Muslim to Umar Saheb. He called the Maulana who was praying in the house. He happily taught us Kalma. We recited it and repented for our evil deeds. This relieved us of the tension and fear which was making us miserable. Maulana named me Muhammad Ishaq, Yogesh as Muhammad Yaqub and Yogendra as Muhammad Yusuf. Then he narrated to us the story of Hazrat Ishaq, Yaqub and Yusuf (All Prophets of Allah). He further told us that it was not he but Allah who got the news published. He was receiving alarming of adverse reaction of the news and apprehensions about occurrence of large scale Communal riots. But I expressed the hope that ALLAH would take care and protect. Then everything ended well as you have seen. The Maulana embraced us and gave his book Aap Ke Amanat to all three of us. Then we were introduced to the members of a Jamaat and we went to Meerut along with them for 15 days. There we completed legal formalities about our conversion and then went to Agra and Mathura on a 40 day trip. Once we had a quarrel with some members of the group and decided to leave the Jamaat in the morning. But we saw Maulana Saheb in dream. He asked us not to run away from the path shown by Allah. Then we changed our mind and completed the Chilla. 
Q:      Then what happened to you? 
A:      Maulana Saheb enquired us about our future programme. He was not in favour of our going back to our homes to avoid trouble and tension. But we told him that we were mature people and would settle the matter with our families. Then we went to our village and told everything to our families. The area was tense with rumours of our murder by Muslims. This news upset the whole Hindu community. Many meetings of Panchayat were held. Some representatives of newspapers came to take our interviews but the village people sent them back. The Panchayat asked our families to press upon us for abandoning of Islam. We were subjected to various hardships and finally we were forced to leave the village. We felt ashamed to go back to Phulat. First we went to Delhi and then to Patna where we plied rickshaws and then worked as labourers also. Finally we settled at Calcutta and got jobs. I saw the holy Prophet in many dreams. I was fond of meeting Maulana Saheb and I am so happy to meet him today. 
Q:      Are you in contact with your family? 
A:      I regulary telephone to them and talked to mother, brothers & sisters but not to father. I hope time will set everything right. My wife with two children is staying with her parents but she is unhappy there and wants to join me. I have consulted Maulana Saheb and decided to keep her with me. Maulana has taken words from me not to be afraid of Karsewaks and preach Islam to those who took part in destruction of the mosque. I pray for guidance of my family; while going with Jamaat pray for them regularly. 
Q:      What message do you want to give to the readers of ARMUGHAN? 
A:      Islam is necessary for all human beings. Those who are opposed to Islam are either ignorant or are swayed away by some misunderstanding. See our case. At first we were in Bajrang Dal and deadly against ISLAM. But now we are Muslims. I shudder to think about torments which I would have had to bear in case I would have remained a Hindu. Thank you


BY Maulana Ahmed Awwah Nadvi
[I think ISLAM is the only cure and solution for millions of Dalits, black and down trodden people. They can be treated with peace and equity through ISLAM only. If we the Muslims preach to them the brotherhood and humanity taught and implemented by Islam then all of them would be relieved and would wish to embrace Islam. They would feel like me to get rid of social injustice as if they have escaped the gallows. We should pity them.]
Ahmad Awwah:   Alsalam Alaikum Salman Saheb, I have returned from Makkah only yesterday. Abbi (my father) had told me to take your interview for our magazine ARMUGHAN. Please introduce yourself. 
A:      I was so eager to meet Maulana Saheb and was very happy to meet him last night on his return from Hajj pilgrimage. I was born in a Chamar family of Malhupur in Muzaffar Nagar on 6th August 1958 as recorded in my school certificate. As you know, 50 years ago no chamar family used to keep a record of dates of birth of their children. My father was a poor vendor of vegetables. His name was Atar Singh and he gave me the name of Banwari Lal. Our family had no liking for education. My maternal uncle, after studying up to class VIII, became a peon in a bank. At his instigation, I passed XII class and learnt typing and got the job of a clerk in the Police department. The head master of my school was a Pundit and he humiliated me a lot. He abused me and forced me to sit on the back seats. I studied in a very tense and adverse atmosphere, often I wanted to take poison and die. In the police service also I received humiliating treatment at the hands of high caste people. I was transferred to 167 police stations and promoted as a Head Muharrir after long time. Actually two months ago I was reborn and blessed with a new birth after embracing Islam. So I reckon my date of birth from this date. 
Q:      How can it be? Oh I follow now. Please tell us the story of your acceptance of ISLAM 
A:      As you are aware, a daughter of a reputed medical practitioner of Bihar was studying at Meerut College and lived in the house of her aunt. She developed illicit relations with a Muslim boy Bilal and wanted to marry with him. One day she left her aunt's house and asked Bilal to marry her. The boy was very gentle as well as timid. He refused to do so because he apprehended adverse reactions from both sides. But the girl remained firm and threatened to take poison. He was forced to take her too many places for getting married. But nobody helped him. Then someone advised him to go to Phulat and approach Maulana Kaleem Saheb. Your father made a very thorough enquiry of facts and put many questions to the girl. She told him that her family would not mind the marriage because her father was actually half Muslim and used to read Quran. Then Maulana taught her to recite Kalma and pronounced their marriage and asked her to complete the legal formalities. The boy talked over the phone to his grandfather at Calcutta but he bluntly refused to keep them with himself. He wept so bitterly that the Maulana took pity on him and after 3rd or 4th day sent them to Delhi. He arranged a room on rent for them and asked his sister to teach Islam to the convert girl and named her Sana. She learned about Islam quickly and began to love Iman more than Bilal. The aunt of the girl lodged a F.I.R. against Bilal and his family members for kidnapping the girl. A senior I.P.S. officer of Bihar was also her relative. He pressed the SSP Meerut to recover the girl. Bilal's father and family members were arrested. Bilal could not defend himself in a proper legal way despite the persuasion and help of Maulana. The girl telephoned the Meerut police that she was a graduate and had willingly married Bilal, under no compulsion or deceit. But the police did not believe her. One day the elder brother of Bilal rang Maulana Saheb and asked for Bilal's whereabouts so that he could take legal redress to set his father. The Maulana was at Bombay at that time. He told him to meet his brother-in-law in Delhi after two days in a mosque. When his brother reached Delhi, the police arrested him also and pressed him to get the girl recovered. Then on 17th July the police made a raid on Maulana Saheb's residence at Batla House at 3.30 A.M. A house search was made but Bilal and girl were not found there. Maulana told them that Bilal was not with him and he had talked to him on phone only. Those policemen took the Maulana to Meerut. While going with them in the police van, Maulana thought to resort to Dawah talks with the police officials. He asked the In-charge of the police station that if by looking at his face he was convinced that he (Maulana) could ever kidnap or help others in kidnapping a girl? The in-charge was a resident of hilly areas and his name was Motle. Giving a reply in the negative to Maulana, he told him to help the police in recovery of the girl because superior officers were exerting great pressure on him. He also assured Maulana that he did not want to insult or harass him in anyway but only wanted his help in recovering the girl. He permitted Maulana to offer prayers by the road side instead of a mosque. Then Maulana told him about Islam and urged him to remember his Lord Creator. At Meerut Thana he offered tea & biscuits to Maulana. In the mean while, Maulana's brother-in-law came from Delhi with the lawyers. The Maulana was asked to sit in an interior room where I was talking to a constable. Actually my Lord had sent him to guide and help me. I was telling the constable, who was by caste an Ahlawat Chaudhry, "Look we do all sorts of work but because of your high caste status and wisdom you rule over us." Then addressing to Maulana I said, "We help in construction of temples and mosque, but we are not allowed to enter these." Maulana Saheb replied, "Whatever you are saying is true in case of a temple but it is not true for a mosque. You go to Jama Masjid Delhi with a Hindu identity and nobody will stop you from offering prayer behind the Imam there." Then I told him about the humiliation suffered by me in school and other places for being a chamar. I also asked him why I was born in a chamar family and expressed my desire to become a Buddhist or a Muslim. Maulana told me that Dr. Ambedkar has himself admitted that the conversion to Buddhism did not change lot of Dalits. The only way out for me is to embrace Islam. I told him that I did not know any Muslim who can convert me to Islam. He recited Kalma with Hindi translations and asked me to recite it. When I did so he told me that I had become a Muslim Then he gave me his address and telephone number of Phulat and asked me to come there and learn more details about Islam. That was a great relief to me which I cannot express. In the mean while, the police in-charge received phone calls from the Home Secretary, many officers and leaders about Maulana and urged his release. He apologized to Maulana Saheb and set him free honourably. Both I and Maulana Saheb agree that all these things occurred due to the will and command of Allah; to make me a Muslim. 
Q:      What happened to Mr. Motle? 
A:      The newspapers published the news of the arrest of Maulana Kaleem Saheb and strong protests poured in. Mr. Motle was demoted and transferred along with other staff members of the police station including myself. Mr. Motle told me that he never believed that Maulana had any hand in the kidnapping. He also told me that his innerself was pressing him to embrace Islam. I gave him Maulana's book. Then I took one day leave and went to Delhi Jama Masjid in Dhoti & Tilak. I told the people that I was a chamar and could not enter a temple. I had come here to see the mosque and attend the prayers. Then a Muslim welcomed me and asked me to sit on a Mussallah. I offered my prayers behind the Imam. People became very happy and embraced me. Then I went to my house and took my family to Phulat. My wife and all four children became Muslims. I think that other members of my family would also follow me. I have started reading books on Islam as suggested by Maulana Saheb and plan to attend some Jamaat trips and Madarsa. I like my Muslim name very much. I feel that ISLAM is the only cure and solution for millions of Dalits, the backward people of the world. Only Islam can provide justice and equality to them and protect them from exploitation and injustice. If we Muslims show to them Islamic brother hood and welcome them. Then all of them would rush to embrace Islam. They will feel like me; relieved to get rid of the social injustice as if they have escaped the gallows. We should take pity on them. My Allah sent to me one of his respectable Daee who in police custody guided me to the path right. I am over whelmed to see the love and affection shown by Maulana. I intend to preach Islam to my family and other. 
Q: Now tell me in detail the story of Bilal, Sana and their families. 
A: For a week, Bilal's father, brother, brother-in-law, sister and landlord of the room were detained in police custody. Then due to phone calls of officers, all of them were set free. Again police action was taken on against them the F.I.R. and a stay order was taken from Allahabad high court. The girl was called to file a statement personally before the High Court on 23rd July. The father of the girl, with a team, reached Allahabad to Coherse the girl before her statement. But due to her indisposition the girl was a not in a position to appear before the High court on that day. Next day, the police had planned to arrest the girl before she appeared in the court. But plucking courage, she appeared in the court and gave a very convincing and bold statement regarding her Islam and marriage and denied charges of force and kidnapping. Her father asked the court to give the girl in his custody. But the request was rejected because she refused to go with him. Later on, she preached her father to embrace Islam and reminded him about his liking of Islam and study of Quran. I understand that he is now ready and is waiting for the return of your father from Makkah before becoming a Muslim. The family members of Bilal were very much moved to see the behaviour of Sana and felt ashamed for their inaction & lethargy. Now they love her and Sana has made the atmosphere of the whole house Islamic and clean. Maulana Saheb explained to me the qualities and duties of a Muslim as desired by our Prophet. He told me that his fellowers should always try to do well to others like the Prophet. He was convinced that Bilal's case could take many people out of darkness and polytheism. The same is my message to the readers of ARMUGHAN to devote sincerely to Dawah work. Thank you



BY Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[Our non-Muslim brothers, out of ignorance are moving towards polytheism and are bound to suffer torments of hell. But unfortunately we the Muslims do not come forward to help them and are indifferent towards them. This is highly unjust. We see Kawaras who undertake so much hardship and suffer from cuts, boils & swollen feet to appease false Gods. We, the followers of our blessed Prophet, can easily guide them toward truth. ]
Ahmed Awwah: Assalam Alaikum Hasan Bhai. When did you return from Jamaat and where had you gone? Please tell all this and also give your introduction and story of acceptance of Islam to be published in ARMUGHAN. A: I have returned only today from Mathura. I had a very good time and learnt prayers, Dua-e-Qunut and many other things. I know ARMUGHAN very well and hope that my experience may be of some help to others. Our group leader told me the story of Hazrat Musa and his talks with Allah. I am so grateful to my Lord (starts weeping) who pulled me out of dirt and ignorance. I was born in a Brahmin family of a village in Ghaziabad district on 9th September 1975. My father named me Jayaveer Dhane. I took a B.Com degree and then appeared in IAS examination but could not succeed in the final examination. I was heartbroken and I went to Haridwar with the intention of taking Sanyas. I stayed in different Ashrams at Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Banaras but could not get peace of mind. Hence from Haridwar I went to a Muslim Saint's Dargah at Kalyar with two friends. But I found conditions there similar to the Ashrams. There one fellow, who looked like a drunkard person, caught hold of me and asked me to give him ten rupees and others flocked round me. He told me that I was Abdal (divine Saint). He did not leave me, I gave him ten rupees then others started begging from me. I was upset but still I felt some peace there and sat in a mosque where I saw people praying. I came back from there and continued to roam about in search of peace.  The first phase of my life continued in utter confusion till 29th July 2008. Then I got a new birth after embracing Islam. 
Q:      That is when you became a Muslim. Please tell us the details. 
A:      I got guidance because of Allah's blessing. On return from Haridwar, I took a pledge to carry gangajal from Hari ki Pauri Haridwar to a temple in Purva Mahadeo Shiekhpur on foot on Shivrathri. Lakhs of people undertake this arduous journey in hot summer, winter & rainy season. This is called Kawar. I took this journey for 3 years. Last year I became wounded and very ill and complained to my Lord about the hardships. Next year I took Kawar and rested in a camp at Mazzaffar Nagar. There I saw a mosque in my dream where people were saying prayers. One person asked me to join the prayers. When I told him that I am a Hindu, even then he asked me to say prayers and I said prayers with them. When I woke up I was full of happiness. Then we marched ahead and passed by a roadside mosque. All of a sudden I went inside the mosque and met an old man. I told him about my wish to say prayers. He dragged me towards the devotees and I offered prayers with them. When I told all this to my friends; they become very angry expect one person, Dinesh. He took interest in my actions. Then next day, we again passed by a mosque. It was the time of Zohar prayers. I took part in the prayers and told Dinesh that to lay prostrate before one's creator was a very good thing. He told me later that he also believed so. In the evening, we reached Purva Mahadeo and went to sleep under a tree. When we woke up, some young men with some books came to us. They told us that their spiritual leader had set up a training camp at Barot. He rebuked us in his address for neglecting to help our non-Muslim brothers who in ignorance were taking Kawars to sacrifice before false gods. So we have decided to convey the message of truth and guidance to these misguided people like Kawarias and to tell them the teachings of Islam. They pointed to our ignorance and folly of inflicting pain to our body. They also told us that they intended to talk to us in detail about Islam. They recited verses of Quran and taught us to recite Kalma. They gave us copies of the book Aap ki Amanat and asked us to read it and act upon it. I read the book and was too impressed me so much and that I threw Kawar (water in the pitches) in the river. I and Dinesh offered prayers and travelled to Barot. From there we talked to Maulana Kaleem Saheb on the phone. He congratulated us and asked us to come to Delhi after completing the legal formalities of our change of faith. Next day both of us went to Saharanpur and got the formalities completed. Then we went to Delhi and met Maulana. He named me Hasan and Dinesh as Husain. Then I told him that at Kaliyar a beggar has called me an Abdal. Maulana became happy and named me Hasan Abdal. He told us that there was a very godly and good saint, Hasan Abdal hundred years ago and hoped that I would also become a true Abdal (saint) like him. Then I told him about my four years spent in tapassiyas, yogias and other tough exercises. Maulana wept on hearing my account, then he sent us to Nizamuddin Dawah Center. We went with a Jamaat to different places, read Urdu and saw strange dreams about birds and unknown persons. I heard with great interest the stories of Abdals also. When I told all this to Maulana, he told me not to tell anyone about my being a Kawaria. He advised me to seek the pleasure of Allah and His Prophet. Dinesh and later on two of my other friends also became Muslim and went to the Jamaat. They respected me a lot and heard to my talks. Maulana Saheb asked us to devote more time towards self purification and improvement in spiritualism. He has told me some prayers and Dua's. I want to pass on same massage to all readers of "Armughan". Thank you.



BY Maulana Ahmad Awwah Nadvi

[I took interest in talking to people at shops in different places. In a gathering at Azamgarh, Maulana Saad told us to indulge in preaching and Dawah work while travelling in buses or trains. By the grace of Allah, 77 people have come to the fold of Islam by my efforts.]
Q:      Al Salaam Alaikum Nadeem Bhai. I was eager to meet you as my father told me that your keep interest in Dawah work. I will take your interview about your conversion. 
A:      Yes, I have spent considerable time in Godhra. I often meet and talk to Maulana Saheb. It gives me comfort and joy. I was born in a Maratha family of South India. My father was a manager in a bank. I took a M.B.A. degree and went to England. But I had to return to India because of sudden death of my father. I joined the company of a Muslim businessman and became its director. I have saved money and embraced Islam only through blessings of Allah. A beautiful Muslim girl was working in that company as an accountant. She caught my eyes on the first day. I wanted to marry her despite the difference of religion, status and temperament. But beyond official work, she did not like to talk to me. I tried to attract her by giving her costly presents. But it was of no avail. Actually she wanted to marry a boy of her own family. After the death of the proprietor of our factory, his son wanted that your father Maulana Kaleem Saheb to come to his office to meet, in connection with Charities given by him. The Maulana came to meet him one day and they talked for more than one hour. My proprietor asked me to see off Maulana up to his car. The Maulana Saheb asked me to accompany him up to the lift only. On the fifth floor, that girl also entered the lift. She was attracted to the smell of the nice perfume sprinkled on Maulana's dress and praised the perfume. Next day I asked my secretary to get that perfume for me. It was not available anywhere. Then he asked the Maulana about the name of its supplier. Maulana sent me his own vial where he was using. When the girl again praised it, I gifted it to her. I sent a message to her father that it if he agreed to marry her daughter to me, I would embrace Islam. He welcomed me to recite the Kalma before Imam of Jama Masjid and after conversion I went with a Tablighi Jamaat on tour to Bangalore. Then we were married. But I was not happy becasue she had agreed to marriage under the pressure of her father. She still loved her relative. After tension of few months, divorce took place between us. But I did not leave Islam and continued to read books on it. Luckily after some days, Maulana again came to my city and heard the whole story. He took me to a religious gathering and told me that the girl acted as a ladder for me to become Muslim, as per will of Allah. But like other worldly things, it was a short lived affair. He further told me that he wanted to send me abroad on Dawah work after doing some work in India. He regularly prayed for me and guided me from time to time. Another strange thing occurred that that most of my prayers were granted and people came to me in large numbers with their requests. The Maulana congratulated me and asked me to devote more time to Dawah. I felt elevated spiritually. When I told this to Maulana, he became happy. But he told me that it is only a formal thing and the real success is to die as a true man of faith. 
Q:      Nadeem Bhai, within two years you have adjusted yourself admirably and set a very good example. What is your future programme and message for Armughan? 
A:      Ahmed Bhai there is no shortage in Allah treasury. I am fully interested in all aspects of Islam and very much wanted to become a football in the path of Allah (in the words of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Raipuri). Please pray for me so that till death I should remain so. See in what manner Allah managed to bless me with guidance? I was always interested to talk to people in shops and share their problems. I was impressed to hear from Maulana Saad at a gathering at Azamgarh that besides individual Dawah Work, it is necessary that we should collectively do it during Journey time at trains and buses. This is my message to readers of "Armughan". Thank You
21- INTERVIEW Mohammad Ishaq (Ashok Kumar)
Q: (Ahmad Awwah): Assalamualekum! 
A: (Mohammad Ishaq): Walekumas-salam. 
Q: I have been waiting for so long to interview you for Armughan monthly; Abbi (my father) said you would be here, I am very glad to see you. How are you doing? 
A: Maulana had told me but I was hesitant actually shy but then he said it would be helpful to others in the field of Da’awah and that I would be rewarded in the Hereafter, so I agreed. 
Q: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
A: I was born in a village near Tanda-badli town of Rampur district, U.P in a Seeni family on 7th December, 1967. I was named Ashok Kumar. My father Mr. Pooran Singh was a farmer who had but very little education. I passed standard VIII from Junior High School and intermediate from Rampur. From Lucknow I did my diploma in Civil Engineering and got a job in a Private Construction Company. I was a very short tempered guy since my childhood. I had fought with the teachers many a times at school, college and now in the company, it became a routine almost. Tired of it all I left the job. I had two close friends – Yogesh Kumar and Yogendra Singh. We were distant relatives, had studied together. Other than school, we would hang out together for physical training and wrestling as well. When the feud over Ram Janam bhoomi- Babri Masjid started, we joined the Bajrang Dal. We were part of Advaniji’s Rath yatra in Gwalior and walked along for four days. Our family members were very happy with us. Yogesh’s father who was a school teacher gathered our families at his place. He had said to the three of us, “We devote you (brothers) in the way of don’t fear away from sacrificing your lives for the sake of Ram Mandir. You will become immortal.” He tied kerchiefs (angocha) on our foreheads that encouraged us and filled with zest. It was October 30, we joined Karseva. There were tensions in the Mulayam government then, firing took place somewhere and we were arrested before we could reach our destination. Our anger knew no limits, I beat up many constables but they only tried to calm us down saying, “This government is going to fall soon, when we come to power, do what you want.”
In November, 1991, we reached Ayodhya to demolish the mosque; we were not carrying enough warm clothes and stayed in Ashrams, one after another. It quite surprised us that the sadhus (saints) tried to refrain us from attacking the mosque. They dissuaded us as if it were a sin. One of them had said to me, “To tell you the truth, if Ram Chandra ji was alive today, he would never ever let this happen.” We were very angry with such people who advised us to stay away. Finally, it was 6th December, mob had gathered around the mosque and our in-charge had asked us to get set ready, wait for his signal and attack. Uma Bharti shouted the slogan and we all started the assault. Yogesh fell down on the ground and many a men ran over him, when finally he managed to get up with someone’s help he had already fractured his ribs. However we were busy celebrating; we were overjoyed to carry one of the fallen bricks that we carried all the way to home. How they had congratulated us and felicitated us all these years! 
Q: Tell us about how you embraced Islam?
A: We kind of fulfilled our dreams but deep inside, not only me, but all three of us were very frightened. It was a strange fear that engulfed our whole beings, something very bad would happen to us, I would often get this feeling that a rock of fire is about to descend on us to crush us. And on every sixth of December, the fear would reach greater heights, the day wouldn’t pass by, we never stepped out of the homes on this date out of fear. Last year, I must tell you, it became unbearable as if the day of torment, I was relieved only when it was night and I had lived to see the dawn of December sixth, somehow. On December seventh, the three of us left our homes in the morning for Rampur where I had some important assignments to do. At the Rampur bus station we met one of our college mates, Raees Ahmad. He came up-to us and said, jokingly, “Ashok, it’s your turn now, first you will fall mentally ill and then you will embrace Islam. I asked him to shut up but in turn he took out some copies of the newspaper and read to us- the news of newly revert to Islam, Mohammad Umar and Mohammad Amir. We were frightened and angry at the same time. “I don’t trust Urdu newspapers,” I retorted. He then took out some Hindi newspapers and showed us the two short news stories. I insisted for the details from the Urdu newspapers and hearing it again, we decided to leave for Phulat and inquire why the hell such baseless stories were being published? This can harm our people’s faith (dharma bhrashta), after all.
We reached Phulat at the residence of Maulana Mohammad Kaleem Siddiqui at a time when he had gone to offer Namaz.
We waited with rude questions up in our minds. The moment Maulana came, I began, “How can you send such stories to the papers?” the three of us were very harsh on him, I can recall and to our surprise we found him to be a man out-of-this-world! His replies were sweetened with love, “We are brothers bound by the ties of blood, plus you are my guests today, let us calm down and talk in a relaxed manner. Where have you come from, may I know?” “Rampur, Tanda Baadli” I replied. “All the way to Phulat, in this winter, you must be tired, sit down, have some tea and I will answer whatever you ask. We never sent the story for publishing however, but it is true.” Maulana had just finished the sentence that we again got up in anger, “you want to corrupt our faiths, such lies of Hindus converting to Islam, how can you?” Maulana was calm. He did not insist we believe in what he was saying but instead see it with our own eyes. Mohammad Umar was there in Phulat at that hour and that too with a jamaat of nine reverts- two from Gujarat, three from Haryana, four from U.P. and two of them were sadhus! Maulana sent for Umar and left after saying a few words to him.
There we sat with Umar Bhai, discussing our doubts over tea and other food items. He confirmed to us the news of his and Amir’s Islam. They were among the frontiers in the rath yatra. I could not help but tell him about the haunting fear, every sixth of December. What should we do now? I asked helplessly.
Umar said that these fears and torments were nothing in comparison to those of the Hereafter. The only safe haven is Islam. “Recite the Kalma and enter,” we were told. Three of us decided to move out of the room to consult but Umar Bhai asked us to keep sitting and he himself went out. We had made up our minds and unanimously decided to accept Islam. We called out to Umar Bhai and gave him the good news. “I was supplicating my Lord, the Creator of the universe to guide my brothers and Maulana is doing the same, I must tell him this now,” Umar said this to us and went inside. Maulana came and we recited the Kalma after him. And I don’t have words to describe what I went through while saying those words; as if the cloak of thorns was being taken off from our bodies, the fear was gone, we felt so safe, secure and comfortable in the fort of Islam. I was named Mohammad Is-haq, Yogesh Mohammad Yaqub and Yogender Mohammad Yusuf. The stories of these Prophets were also narrated to us. Maulana told us that when the news had appeared in the papers, many people had expressed their concern and fears. He however was sure that whatever Allah does is for the best. “Now we have three great gifts in your form, congratulations!” he said this and handed over copies of Apki amanat apki seva mein to each.
Q: What followed then? 
A: We were admitted to the jama’at of reverts which had a Mufti Sb. from Bulandshehar as the Ameer. There were two others teaching totaling upto 15 in number; we stayed in Meerut for a day where three of us got our certificates made. Then our jama’at turned towards Agra and Mathura, where we completed 40 days somehow, since we were new little conflicts with fellow men did occur. So, three of us decided to return back. Yusuf had a dream that night. He saw Maulana telling him, “Look! Consider the ways; your lord has guided you…. And now you are leaving the way that leads to him.” He shared his dream with us. We made our minds to complete 40 days with the jama’at how else would we show our faces to Maulana then? 
Q: What happened when you returned from jama’at? 
A: Maulana enquired about my future plans; and he suggested we should not leave for home, right then. But I retorted saying, “religion is our personal choice and what else is right if not to accept what is right (haq). We have to go home and convince our families.” He tried to stop us but in vain.
Reaching our place we found out the conditions had been hit badly by communal tensions. About us it was famous that we had been murdered at the hands of Muslims. But we reached and revealed our Islam, a pall of gloom descended on the whole area. There were panchayati meetings organized again and again. People were coming in from neighbouring villages, far off relatives started pouring in the home, newspaper reporters came but they were bribed and our Islam did not make it to the papers, the way they wanted it on account of fears it would bring harm to the whole society. Our families were pressurized that we revert our steps but Alhamdulillah, we didn’t move an inch, all this opposition had made us stronger Muslims and we were firm despite of all the hardships they were causing us to face. Our wives and kids were sent off to their families and eventually we had to leave our houses, three of us together left for Delhi since we were hesitant to face Maulana in Phulat for having ignored his words. We went to Patna and lived in troubled times, for some days we had to pull Rickshaws even but then everything was well, we saw Prophet Muhammad ( Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÓáã) in our dreams one by one and it gave us such peace of
mind that every trouble was gone. It took us long to meet Maulana but today we did see him and it feels so good.
Q: Did you get to meet your family?
A: Only on phone do we get to talk to our mother and brother, sisters never with father, but with time, God willing, all will be well. My wife and children are however at my in-laws’ place, I had sent one of my friends and then there is a muslim lady who had talked to her and told me that my wife is ready to leave everything for me, I need to go and bring her home very soon. With God’s grace, I will. 
Q: What did Maulana tell you on account of Da’awah work? 
A: He has appointed us to start working on others who were part of the demolition act, kar sewaks etc. we must pray for them and our families so that God may guide them to peace. I am also planning to go to Calcutta in a jamaat and while I m working and spending time in His service, I would pray and then come back and get to work. 
Q: Your message to the readers of Armughan? 
A: I would say Islam is the need of each and every being. One should never judge a man on his actions, just see we were Bajrang Dalis and today we are the same men but (shudders) if we had died our deaths on the same (cries) how we would have been punished. Please don’t judge anyone; if someone is anti Islam, its only because he or she doesn’t know it, has misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding it. The day they are cleared-the clouds of doubt, light flows in. Be a lamp; guide the light home to those in darkness, that’s a duty.

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